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Lessons Learnt Report- First National Bank Ohio

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Lessons Learnt Report

First National Bank, Ohio
MIS Project Management


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The following document is a comprehensive ‘Lessons LearntReport’ on the First National Bank of Ohio’s MIS Project.
This report was compiled by a team of professional project managers and gives an objective insight to the project in full.
Throughout this entire report we will describe the lack of proper planning and strategy, which impacted the First National Bank of Ohio’s MIS Project. (Kerzner, Harold R., (2009) Project Management Case Studies. Available at: [Accessed: 10 Nov 2014]).

In the 70’s First National Bank was a fast growing organisation in the financial market. They had experienced significant growth and expansion in a relatively short period of time. Key to this was their ability to buy a number of other banks. These mergers and acquisitions led to rapid growth including the expansion of the company’s employees by 35% and total assets by 70%. This added additional organisational structure complexity to the company’s profile.
This case focuses on the Information Service Division (ISD). There was significant further rapid growth projected for ISD. This meant that a re-structuring of the organisation and the project process was required in order to meet requirements and needs most efficiently. Previously ISD was split under different divisions and reported up through line managers but…...

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