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Life Without Internet or Cellphones

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Christopher Diamantes
History 345
Prof. Lisa Nocks
Life without Internet or Cell Phones Society as we know it has evolved into one which is completely reliant on the internet and cell phones for the purpose of communication. It has come to a point where our daily tasks and responsibilities have become dependent upon such communication devices. In such a globalized and inter-connected world, the use of technology is made imperative as many businesses have bases positioned all over the world, and many individuals have connections too far to communicate without the use of the internet or cellular networks (cell sites or satellite signals). Additionally, the internet allows for many individuals to keep up with current events, but that’s not its only use. The internet allows people to be entertained, connected, and empowered. However, the technology behind the mobile phone remains unmatched as it has created a vast cultural shift, as it gives society the chance to deliver content anywhere, at any time. And although cell phones and the internet has only been around for approximately two decades, many seem to underestimate the effect it has on as individuals and society collectively. If the internet and cellular phones ceased to work in the near future, without any hope of restarting, humanity would have to resort to older methods of communication. That is, if humankind even remembers how to do so. Without the internet, there would be no communication between the vast departments of corporations, the vast knowledge saved on the internet would cease to exist, government agencies would not be able to further new legislation or monitor foreign events, and individuals would be left in a world with no connection to the outside. Without mobile phones, people would not be able to communicate with each other or send out information as efficiently. In essence,…...

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