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HS.CTEA Manjot K. Sandhu
Global History November 9, 2013

Industrial Revolution April 16, 1793 By : Manjot Sandhu

Interviewing with Eli Whitney

Why did you invent the Cotton Gin Machine?
Eli: To speed the chores and make more money.

Don’t you care about making peoples life much easier?
Eli: To be honest I don’t give a crap about making peoples lives easy. I want to make profit.

What does your machine do?
Eli: My machine the Cotton Gin multipiled the amount of cotton that could be cleaned.

How is your American Cotton production going?
Eli: Its going well it has sycrocked from 1.5 million pounds in 1790 to 85 million pounds in 1810.

Do you think your machine of Cotton Gin may have increased child labor?
Eli: I don’t care about them at all. And so what at least Im getting money.

Industrial revolution helped the society then it hurt it. The reason why because before the industrial revolution.Now all the work was done by hand and took a lot of time. An now that industrial revolution occurred now mainly jobs are done with the machines. Also when it occurred it changed the style of living for everyone and creating classes other than “ rich and poor. Also it has made our lives much more easier then before. We get good materials of things that we want to wear or decorate our houses with.

Since pollution has been increasing in the year of 1730 in Manchester , Virginia because of factories it has caused an on go disease. In fact 60% of deaths around the world because of the factories have been attributed to air, water, and soil. And also have caused health problems associated with outdoor air pollution which are respiratory and cardiovascular disease, lung cancer, aggrvated asthma and bronchitis. This is why the mother earth has been in bad condition by with less pollution we can help the earth.…...

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