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In today's society, the use of lip syncing is becoming more common in the music industry. There were several controversies that enraged people and initiated debate whether they should or should not lip sync. These include Chris Brown at the 2012 Grammy's, Beyonce at the 2012 Presidential Inauguration , Jennifer Lopez when she performed with Pitbull at American Idol and the list goes on.

Personally I am for and against lip syncing. It varies depending on the situation. I have several reasons why I feel this way. For example, I would prefer seeing an artist dance moves rather than listening to their singing, if only they put on an amazing show. I would understand that when you sing and dance at the same time it may take away from the overall performance because the type of choreography they may be doing, they might feel out of breath and their voice may sound like they are gasping for air. If I don’t get a good performance as a result of lip syncing and dancing instead of wasting my money on a terrible show I would’ve rather listen to an audio CD at home.

I truly believe there's a difference between an entertainer and a singer and to me if people do not know the difference they would not really enjoy some of the concerts. There are many singers that can sing and dance really well. For example, the pop singer P!NK performs some really great acrobatic moves while singing live and sound totally amazing. Some performers that do not lip sync may do the same but it may not be as perfect as others but they manage to satisfy the majority of their fans and still give an awesome and honest performance. I guess it depends on how talented of an artist they are. I know I recognize the difference so my opinion is a lot broader than others. In some other cases, artist may use lip syncing due to certain technical difficulties instead of canceling the show or sometimes the artist is told to lip sync by the event producers because there is a greater cost attached to live singing as compared to lip syncing.

Artist like Adele who has really great vocals would truly disappoint me to know that she lip synced at a concert for which I spent hundreds of dollars to attend. I would feel really cheated because it is her vocals that made her so popular. Another popular vocalists is Christina Aguilera who to me has one of the best voices I think of all time, and having spent hundreds of dollars to see her sing, I would definitely expect to get value for my hard earned money.

On the other hand, it may be necessary to empathize with some of the entertainers who have to endure long hours of performing on tours and vocal training, which makes them so drained that they are unable to deliver the quality performance that their audience deserve and paid for. The same regard must also be advanced to the supporting staff, especially the members of the band who endure similar experiences and hardships as the vocalists.

To sum things up, lip syncing could be a good or bad thing. Things to keep in mind would be that the performers go thru a very demanding and high stress vocal training session, which can put a toll on their ability to perform at 100%. As oppose to the performers not taking in consideration that their fans deserve a genuine performance in which they spent money to get. So with that in mind, lip syncing depends on the ability of the performer to perform or the mental state of the performer to do what’s right.…...

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