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Multiculturalism in Britain

Terrorism is a current threat worldwide. One of those countries who had the terrorism on close range is United States of America. We all remember the 9/11 terror attack, by the global militant Islamist organization, Al-Qaeda and the bombing attack in London in 2005. Terror can be different kind of goals, but mostly; political, religious or ideological goals and are mostly intended to create fear, and are directed to the civilians. This article is written by John F. Burns, a journalist from the famous news paper »The New York Times«.

The article deals with some outcast from the British Prime Minister, David Cameron’s speech from the 5th of February, 2011. David Cameron has been the Prime Minister for Britain for the past seven years. He is from the Conservative Party. He is a well educated man and has a nice work history. He studied philosophy, politics and economy at Oxford University, England.

He is claiming that multiculturalism in Britain has literally failed, because Britain has become one of Europe’s most active bases for terrorists’ spots. One of David Cameron’s biggest statements from his speech is that he claims that the main roots of this terror-problem is that because of multiculturalism has encouraged segregated communities where Islamic extremism can live and live separated lives, apart from each other.

One of the problems is also that very religious people live by their own rules and faith, because of their holy scriptures and their religion, that they are having a hard time sticking to the law, democracy, human rights and social integration, because they are guided that much about their faith. He shares these attitudes with Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany and President Nicolas Sarkozy of France.

One of David Cameron’s main arguments is that the racism or discrimination is mutual. He says that all these kinds of different society’s results in discrimination, but to the Muslims advantage. If a white person says some discriminating to a Muslim, he is at racist, but if it is the other way around, we are more careful about the accusations towards the Muslim. In which I strongly disagree on. In our world, in 2012, there is enough mutual racism or discrimination.
I strongly disagree on Cameron’s statements about the mutual racism. If a Muslim goes against the law, the whole world knows and all the Muslims get blamed.
We live in a world fulfilled with evil generalizations. In Denmark, all the negative media coverage goes to the Muslims or immigrants. As I see it, if an immigrant comes in conflict with the law it is controversial in several months after, but not the same way for the native.

In David Cameron’s speech he uses a formal and serious language. He speaks to those who knows something about this subject in advance and talks to savvy people in this area. He also speaks to the civilians in Britain and is suggesting how they can solve this problem and are giving some examples. This speech is also pointed out to the white civilians; the speech is clearly to their advantage. He uses the appeal form Logos mostly, which means that he is talking to their common sense and is giving them a lot of facts.

David Cameron’s intentions about this speech are clearly that he wants to solve this terror problem worldwide, but first he wants to solve this problem in his own country. He is also saying that ‘’Europe needs to wake up, and see what is going on in their own countries’’, instead of concentrate about what is happening in the other countries, besides their own.

To solve the problem about the rise in Extremism in Britain he suggest that he would be barring ‘’preachers of hate’’ from visiting Britain in mosques and community centers. This would assumedly stop the mutual hate and racism.
He also want to remove the public patronage to the Muslim groups that had been used these public money, because he thinks that they haven’t been doing enough to stop the terrorism.

But Faisal Hanjra, the assistant secretary general said that Mr. Cameron treats the Muslims like ‘’a part of the problem, instead a part of the solution’’, which I totally agree on. Mr. Cameron generalizes and does makes it sound like all Muslim are a problem for fighting the terrorism.

I disagree on a lot of Mr. Cameron’s statements. If we all stick together to fight the terrorism and changed the world to a place where there is a spot for everyone, I don’t think that this would have been such a major problem worldwide. The Non-Muslims feels stepped on, by the way that we treat the Muslims, and they obviously feels that they have no right to speak, when the subject is about Muslims or colored people. The multiculturalism, according me, has not failed. And if it has failed, it is not the Muslims fault. We are seven million people in the world and every 4th of those are Muslims, I don’t think that it is only the Muslims fault that the world has come to this dark place with terrorism and wars, only by Muslims or colored people.…...

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