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Remorseless killer and innocent victim: A Character Analysis of Vicente Groyon
“The Gods of the Mountain.”

Thesis Statement: Elias’s fear towards the story told by his mother gave him a hesitation and put him in danger and lost everything.

I. Initially, the mountain was considered very dangerous place to climb. A. “Long Ago, the mountain had been a volcano.” (Paragraph 1) B. “When the rumbling started up again, they packed their things and fled to the coast as always and waited until they could return.” (Paragraph 1) C. “Now, after an eon, the mountain was rumbling again, but in a way no ancient would recognize. (Paragraph 3) II. Elias is persuaded by his friend Amado to climb the mountain which was never allowed to do by his mother. A. “If we can get high enough,” Amado said, “we can see all the way down to the city.” (Paragraph 7) B. “Her mother told him about how people were not supposed to go to certain parts of the mountain, especially the parts near the top, because this was where the gods lived.” (Paragraph 9) C. “Once Elias and Amado were out of sight of the village, they ran like dogs released from their leashes, howling with joy, daring each other to reach the summit first.” (Paragraph 13) III. Elias’s fear to reach the parts near the top of mountain was ignored and this incident has put him in danger. A. “As they made their way among the rocks, Elias’s eye caught a movement above them.” “There were eight of them, dressed in the colors of the forest, carrying long black weapons.” (Paragraph 16) B. “Don’t ever go there again,” his father muttered. “These are dangerous times.” (Paragraph 17) C. “The road behind them began to erupt tiny spurts of dust in a straight line coming towards them as they ran, and suddenly his father fell, pinning him under… His saw his parents’ bodies for an instant before he turned and made for the river.” (Paragraph 26) IV. Conclusion: The disaster is never expectable and one moment of thinking wrongly or out of the limit could bring disasters within family and destroy everything.…...

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