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Living in a Big City

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"Living in a Big City"
Where should we live? There is much controversy about living in a big city or living in a small town. Newlyweds face this problem after they get married. They want the best place to raise their children. Living in a big city, in my opinion, is the best choice because of job opportunities, transportation, and social life.
First, attending to the job opportunities issue, we could say it’s a well known fact that big cities concentrate the broadest and most various professional indexes. So, these broad professional profiles also carry along a huge variety when it comes to employments and vacancies. Modern life developed a wide range for laboring performance, and it’s no coincidence that this modern life is often represented from an urban experience. Universities, research institutes, hospitals, health and cultural centers, and many other fundamental institutions are often settled down within a big city’s inwards.
In addition, transportation means play an essential role in big cities. Not just only for the multiple solutions they might incorporate to help the traffic (such as, subways, streetcars, speedways, and middle avenues), but also because of the constant intention of lessening the traveling lapse from home to work. Every big city’s blueprints reveal a complex net of intersections, as if streets were arteries establishing the connections between every important core for urban life, which is in other words: a certain city’s own vital fluid. Everything seems to be connected as an organism. Every place is related, in an inspiring, but most of all, practical way, to every other place. And that’s always a good indicator.
Moreover, there is a fact I consider substantial when it comes to urban experience: social life. As transportation and job opportunities, social life has a wide range of representations that may vary at every point. Starting by a city’s deep rhythm for socializing in an extensive scale, every notion in the urban context is somehow related to a social experience. The simple act of reading the newspaper in a bench at a park or while being in a cab, might be a collective act: the foundation for an imagined community of similar subjects experiencing the same life circumstances in the giddy metropolitan style. Social life broadest the notion of a big city in many ways we might not even get to fully understand.
To summarize, I think that living in a big city means having access to most and better live opportunities. We basically consider three strong arguments for living in a big city: job opportunities, transportation and social life. These reasons state that big cities are the best choices for a living.

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