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Education * St Margaret’s High School 2005-2010:

Subject | Level | Grade | Date Achieved | Mathematics | Intermediate 2 | C | 2010 | English | Intermediate 2 | C | 2010 | Chemistry | Intermediate 1 | A | 2010 | Mathematics | Intermediate 1 | A | 2010 | Home Economics | Intermediate 1 | B | 2010 | Music | Intermediate 1 | B | 2010 |

Skills -Events organization and teamwork -Qualified first aider -Advanced computer knowledge -Hardworking, enthusiastic and reliable. -Well organized -Thrive on Challenges. -Adaptable to change and welcome training opportunities to enhance my skills. -An ability to provide total commitment to any task undertaken -Responsible and mature outlook on handling situations -Ability to work under my own initiative with little supervision

Work Experience Bathroom People After gaining two weeks work experience with Bathroom People, a small bathroom company, with stores in Hamilton and Belfast, I worked flexible hours for the business from 2009-2012. I developed many practical skills from organizing the bathroom stock in the warehouse to transporting items between business to business customers and also directly to the commercial sector. I also processed and wrote up receipts for customers whilst developing significant informative and friendly communication. Rumours Glasgow Rumours are a new Glasgow events company independently set up by two colleagues and myself. Rumours ran its first successful club night in March 2011. From this I have learned skills needed to organize a small business, from marketing and promoting a brand to making deals and cooperating with up and coming dj's, nightclubs, sound system companies and merchandisers. Additional information
During my spare time I partake in DJ-ing , playing both Rumours events and other club nights around the UK. In connection with my DJ-ing I run my own radio show on the Glasgow university's radio station: Sub city Radio. References – Available on request…...

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