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Looking on the Brighter Side

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Looking On The Brighter Side Violent media is something some people believe causes violent impulses in humans. A lot of parents are against it and believe exposing it to children can be very harmful. They view it as the bad kid down the street that hopefully if they can keep their kid away from it, their child won’t turn out bad. This can be something very common in conservative homes. I believe people a very wrong view on violent media; such as video games, movies, comic books, and different kinds of music. More importantly, I believe it helps more people than it hurts. In an article Gerard Jones wrote, he states, “Then the Incredible Hulk smashed through it,” when describing a wall built between him and the crudest elements of American pop culture. He believes that media such as this plays an important role in helping kids express feelings they’re not used to. For example, kids are always taught to try to ignore their feelings like anger and rage, because they’re bad. Jones believes that violent media can be an outlet for kids to let those feelings on to. When you think about it, it makes sense. Humans are violent by nature. There’s a reason we’re on top of the food chain. However, when humans became civilized and created a relatively peaceful society, there was no need to be violent. Yet, some people still were. There is no denying that people have violent urges, but we’ve advanced enough to be able to control it. But sometimes when people get frustrated, it can feel like their holding too much in and feel like they can’t take it anymore and just snap. Not a pretty situation, but it happens. I believe that violent media can be a way to channel those feelings into something you can enjoy, so it doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. Jones goes on to say that he has seen his son live the same story. He describes how his son was afraid to climb a tree so he…...

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