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Love Being a Student

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Hari’s work in the kitchen was not easy as he expected. The eating house was always crowded and customers were going in and out continuously. He earned seven rupees a week, he was grateful for the amount he took to his family. He ate free meals since he worked there. He worked in the kitchen and in the front room, washed and bated under the tap at the back, ate his meals at the table when there were no customers around, and slept on the bench or on the dusty floor.

The old watchmaker told Hari to sleep in the park after knowing he was suffering in the terrible room he slept in. Hari felt grateful for the man’s advice; the park was more comfort for Hari comparing to where he used to sleep, he felt satisfied too.

Hari kept thinking about his sisters and his whole family and thought how much he missed them. But he got along with the people working with him, also with Jagu

Mr Panwallah, the watchmender, asked Hari to work with him and told him he would be earning a little, if he could help for two hours a day. Hari was really happy.

After Jagu has permitted Hari to work with Mr. Panwallah for two hours in the afternoon, he started working seriously and with concentration. The watchmender was really satisfied with Hari’s work and seriousness; by observing him as he worked, he knew he’ll be mending watches on his own.
The visitor that was staying in Mon Repos came the day before the de Silvas left. The de Silvas then left Thul and Mr. de Silva told Lila not to worry about her mother also that he’ll give her father money to keep him going, and asked her if it would be okay if they move her at Diwali, that is more comfortable for her mother. Lila agreed.

The man who was staying in Mon Repos turned out to be Sayyid Ali Sahib. He was a quiet and polite man. But he didn’t talk to the three girls; neither did he look at them. They only called him to eat as soon…...

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