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Welcome to Basic Training. My name is Corporal Occupants.
Please do not move or speak unless specifically instructed to do so.
Please hold all questions until we are through.
Is this understood?
USM Branch DescriptionThe U.S Military is made up of 3 branches.

Each branch has a designated color.

Air Force is blue, Army is green, and Marines is red.

Rank SectionIn this Military, there are four main types of ranks:

1. Enlisted, 2. Non-Commissioned Officers or NCOs, 3. Officers and 4. Cabinet/Administration.

*Enlisted - These people wear the color of the branch uniform, dark grey pants, and they are called by their name or rank.

You are an Enlisted.
*Non-Commissioned Officers -

These people wear the color of the branch uniform, and khaki pants,

they are called by their rank or "sarge".

The NCOs are also tasked with training the recruits.
*Officer -
These people wear dark gray shirts with white pants and are called Sir or Ma'am at all times.*Cabinet/Administration - These people typically wear grey suits with white pants (or other formal attire)

and are called Sir or Ma'am at all times.

They may also wear the field uniform (which is what officers wear).
Standfast SectionWhen an Officer of any branch or a Cabinet/Administration member

(regardless of formal attire or field uniform) walks through the gate into the worker area,

you are to perform a "standfast".
This is where you stand one spot in front of your seat. You are not to speak or move.

It's like being at attention. Only once told "At ease" or "As you were," may you sit.

At any time, a Cabinet/Administration member or Officer of any branch may call a standfast.

You are expected to be alert and ready at all times.

Let's practice. Standfast!

Rule SectionThere are 8 rules in the United States Military.
Failing to abide by…...

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