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This Assessment Task is due in WEEK 5. Any variations to this arrangement must be approved in writing by your assessor.

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Assessment Objectives

In this assessment you are to analyse the risks identified in the case study, to assess likelihood and consequence of risks, evaluate and prioritise risks, and determine options for treatment. You are also required to develop an action plan for treatment of risks, and communicate it to relevant parties.


Using the information gathered in Assessment Task 1 and the case study provided, examine the likelihood and consequences of identified risks, prioritise the risks and determine options for treatment of each risk. Using this information you are required to develop an action plan for implementing risk treatment, document the plan as required, and communicate the risk management plan to relevant parties.


1.Write a analysis report as outlined below with a risk management table and risk monitoring schedule. For the case study information provided in this assessment and from Assessment Task 1, you need to develop a report for your manager (assessor) and please use the Table in Specifications 2.

1)Likelihood - For each risk, assess the likelihood of the risk occurring.

2)Consequence - For each risk, assess the consequence of the risk occurring.

3)Priorities - Use a risk calculation table to assist in prioritising the risks.

4)Options - For each prioritised risk, outline at least one suitable option for treating the…...

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