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BBA Hon’s 2nd Year
Department of Management.


Thakurgaon Govt. College, Thakurgaon.

Student’s Declaration

I hereby declare that the report of term paper namely “Future of social media” by me after the completing inspection of few organization which are related with the subject.

I also declare that this paper is my original worked and prepared for academic purpose which is of BBA 2nd year (Hon’s) and the term may not be used in any other purposes.

Name: Md. Humayun Kabir
Roll No : 9819332
Registration No: 1776661
Session: 2010-2011
BBA (Hon’s) Second year
Department of Management
Thakurgaon Govt.College, Thakurgaon.

Supervisor’s Declaration

I hereby declare that the concerned report of term paper namely “Future of social media” Md. Humayun Kabir; a student of BBA (Hons), Department of Management, Thakurgaon Govt.College, Thakurgaon has completed his term paper under my supervision and submitted for the partial fulfillment of the requirement of the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) at Thakurgaon Govt.College.


Abul Khair Md Abdul Mazid
Head of the department of Management
Department of Management
Thakurgaon Govt. College, Thakurgaon.





Table of Contents

|SLNO | |Page Number |
|1 |Preface |i |
|2 |Acknowledgements |ii |
|3 |Abstract |iii |
|4 |List of Table |vi |
|5 |Acronyms and abbreviation |v |
|Chapter-1 Introduction |
|1 |Introduction |1 |
|1.1 |Statement of the problem |2 |
|1.2 |Objectives |3 |
|Chapter-2 Conceptual Issues |
|2 |Scope of the Study |5 |
|2.1 |Methodology |6 |
|Chapter-3 Database |
|3 |Sample Size |8 |
|3.1 |Sampling |9 |
|3.2 |Techniques of data collections |10 |
|Chapter-4 Findings of the Study |
|4 |Definition |12 |
|4.1 |Literature review |13 |
|4.2 |Limitation of the study |15 |
|4.3 |Data presentation and analysis |16 |
|4.4 |Opinion of the students |17 |
|Chapter-5 Conclusion |
|5 |Recommendation |18 |
|5.1 |Conclusion |19 |
|5.2 |References |19 |

Acronyms and abbreviation
P&L = profit-and-loss

Statement of the problem:


Scope of the Study:
Sample Size:
Techniques of data collections :


Literature review:

Limitation of the study:

Data presentation and analysis:

Opinion of the students:

I have achieved a vast experience about effective performance appraisal processes . It was a grate opportunity for me to conduct this research paper under the supervision of S.M. Jakaria sir of Management Department. Without his direct supervision it would not be possible for me to complete this difficult tusk. This practical experience will be a guideline in my entire life.


Supervised by
Abul Khair Md. Abdul Mazid
Head of the department of Management
Department of Management
Thakurgaon Govt. college

Prepared by Name : Md. Humayun kabir Roll No: 9819332 Reg : 1776661
Department of management
Thakrugaon Govt. college

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