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Financial Analysis: 1. Operating Profit Margin Ratio:
The operating profit margin ratio indicates how much profit a company makes after paying for variable costs of production such as wages, raw materials, etc. It is expressed as a percentage of sales and shows the efficiency of a company controlling the costs and expenses associated with business operations. Year | Operating Profit Margin Ratio (%) | Mar '12 | 12.22 | Mar '11 | 13.03 | Mar '10 | 12.18 | Mar '09 | 12.02 | Mar '08 | 10.98 |

The company is maintaining a very good operating profit margin ratio. In 2011 company has 13.03% of operating profit margin; it’s mainly because of increase in sales. In 2012 the operating profit margin ratio is decreased to 12.22 % as increase in operating expenses is more than increase in sales. The operating expenses rose because of increase in miscellaneous expenses.

2. Gross Profit margin ratio and Net Profit margin ratio:
A financial metric used to assess a firm's financial health by revealing the proportion of money left over from revenues after accounting for the cost of goods sold. Gross profit margin serves as the source for paying additional expenses and future savings. While net profit margin ratio measures the relationship between net profit and sales. Year | Gross Profit Margin (%) | Net Profit Margin (%) | Mar '08 | 4.23 | 0.59 | Mar '09 | 6.22 | -3.54 | Mar '10 | 6.9 | 1.51 | Mar '11 | 8.78 | 4.03 | Mar '12 | 8.95 | 8.64 |

The Company’s Gross profit ratio has been showing increased trend till 2011. In the year there is a negligible drop in the gross profit margin ratio as there is a increase in COGS.
Net Profit margin ratio indicated the firm’s management efficiency. In the year 2009 the company was having -3.5% of net profit margin because of low growth in the sales and steady increase in the expenses. In the later years…...

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