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Read the attached Case Studies
1. Answer all questions at the end of the case.

Provide your own insights and perspectives on the case analysis (not more than 500 words for each question), with complete references.

Your answers should be typed not handwritten.

Number each answer.

2. On the cover page indicate the following items:

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3. Due Date : 22nd July 2016
Case Study 1
For years, the Swiss pharmaceutical giant Roche Group worked hard to create an ultra-competitive culture that pitted scientific teams against one another in fighting for scarce resources. Roche had believed that this culture was instrumental in creating such blockbuster drugs as Valium and Librium. But, on the downside, this approach made it almost impossible for scientists to abandon faltering projects that they felt were pivotal for their careers. Rather, it led them to hoard their technical expertise and findings. In 1998, the company turned to a more collaborative style of teamwork—especially for its teams working in the new field of genomics.
Roche began running ads in Science magazine for a young new breed of researchers who could reinvent themselves as their job opportunities rapidly changed. It was the new breakthroughs in genomics and molecular biology that pushed Roche to change the way it hunted for drugs. Roche knew it had to speed up the discovery process for new drugs and size up toxicity risks earlier than ever. Projects needed to be managed in a totally different way.
Roche can now churn out 1 million genomics experiments a day. Whereas research teams once spent years looking for a single good idea, they now must consider hundreds or even thousands of candidates daily. The data that is generated is overwhelming…...

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