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Managment Information System 1

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Cloud computing is where software and storage are provided by internet services and are accessed with a web browser. RDM would pay a fee to the supplier that would be far less expensive and time consuming then if they continue in their current situation. RDM remote access systems for consultants are unreliable, they has employed a local IT contractor to maintain its internal system which includes backup files on a weekly bases. The backup protocol is old and once per week is inefficient.
IT is not RDM’s core business, they are a small firm management consulting firm and there is the matter of the cost for a new system that they may not be able to afford. Employing an experience and reputable company that offers Cloud computing should be an option that RDM explores.
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Yes, it is appropriate, since RDM’s client base spans across Canada and the United States. Reliable remote access from any location to systems is important.
The method of Community Cloud computing is several businesses share resources or Private Cloud would be two of the choices that I would recommend. RDM has only 15 employees, costs are important in deciding on what deployment method to use. They have had a system that was not the most efficient for ten years and stayed faithful, now they are looking to upgrade which means the business may be looking to expand. A Community Cloud would cost less and may have more resources available to the group than a Private Cloud, but they are sharing resources with their competitors. The Private Cloud is where cloud technology is used within the confines of a private network. This deployment would suit the need for privacy and security of information required for the 10 new key projects being worked on, but it will cost more. The best option for cost would be Community Cloud and if cost is not a factor then Private…...

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