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Managment Report for Old Chang Kee

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Management Report for

Table of Contents

1. Introduction3
2. SWOT Analysis3
3. Functions of Management 4
3.1 Porter's Five Forces5
3.2 Process of Planning6 3.3 Fundamentals of Organizing 7 3.4 Leading and Managing8 3.5 Controlling8
4. Conclusion9
5. Recommendation10
6. References12

1. Introduction
Old Chang Kee (OCK) was founded by Mr Chang in 1956 in a small coffee shop known for its chicken curry puff. In 1986, Mr. Han Keen Juan, bought over the control of Old Chang Kee business and transform into a household brand today.
For over 56 years, OCK specialise in the production and sales of a variety of affordable and quality finger food directly to consumers in Singapore. Most of their sales are on a takeaway basis and their 76 outlets in Singapore today are located at different areas to cater wider group of customers.
OCK sub brands include Curry Times, Pie Kia and Mushroom which offers dine in concept restaurants carrying a range of local delicacy such as nasi lemak and laksa. Catering services are also provided in selected areas in Singapore.

2. SWOT Analysis
SWOT Analysis is a useful comparison for understanding Strengths, Weaknesses and identifying the Opportunities and Threats that OCK faces today. Understanding the weaknesses of the business can "manage and eliminate threats that would otherwise catch us unawares" ("SWOT Analysis," 2013, para. 3).

Internal | Strengths * Recognise local enterprise * Long established household name in Singapore. * Stores are conveniently located island-wide (i.e MRT stations, shopping malls & neighbourhood etc). * Food is well-liked by consumers of all age groups * Quality "on the go" food * Create job opportunities for elderly due to flexible working hour | Weaknesses * Unhealthy fried food which are not attractive to health conscious consumers * Only one…...

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