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Politics, Government and Constitution
Political Science – is the systematic study of the state and the government. It is a social science regarding the practice and theory of politics, the analysis of political systems and the study of political behavior.
POLITICS - the science of government and the art on practice of administering public affairs.
An institution, over which the will of the state is formulated, expressed and carried out. It serves as an organizing force over the state’s subjects.
State is a community of persons more or else numerous, permanently occupying a definite, portion of territory, independent of external control and possessing an organized government to which the great body of its inhabitants render habitual obedience (De Leon, 2000)
Difference between the State and the Government - The state is a continuing entity, while the government may completely disappear without destroying the state. - The government is an instrument or agency through which the will of the state is articulated and expressed.
Difference between State and Nation * State is a political and legal concept. * Nation is an ethnic concept. A nation is a group of people bound together by certain characteristics such as common social origin, language, customs, traditions, and who believe that they are one and distinct from others. * A single State may consist of one or more nations or peoples and conversely, a single nation may be made up of several states.
1. The United States is a melting pot of several nationalities. 2. Arab nations are divided politically into several sovereign states.
Constitution of the Philippines: * The written instrument by which the fundamental powers of the government are established, limited, and defined and by which these powers are distributed among the several…...

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