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Eat Your Heart Out | Paper Magazine Does a Super (Duper) Market
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By JANE HERMANJuly 13, 2012, 1:30 pm 2 Comments

Paper Magazine's Super (Duper) Market Atisha Paulson
Brucie Atisha Paulson
Scribe Winery Atisha Paulson

“I’m crying. And dying,” Paper magazine’s Kim Hastreiter says halfway through the tour of her Super (Duper) Market, which will be open Friday through the weekend in Manhattan’s meatpacking district. She is completely elated and, more important, satiated, by what’s in store: “The best ice cream (Humphry Slocombe), the best cornbread (Red Rooster), the best olive oil (Sciabica’s),” she says. Here, at what is a smorgasbord of carefully procured and exquisitely packaged food stuff, all the stars of Hastreiter’s bicoastal culinary-craft world collide. The vendors hail mostly from Brooklyn (Empire Mayonnaise, Morris Kitchen, Mile End) and California’s Bay Area (Boulettes Larder, Modern Appealing Clothing, Tartine Bakery and Cafe). “I’m kind of a maven, and these are really my favorite things,” says Hastreiter pointing to the Tang Brothers noodle stand. “Those are, like, the best noodles.”

Walk through the mart and you might sample homemade mozzarella on honey-drizzled toast from the Cobble Hill restaurant Brucie, buy a Sol LeWitt star bowl (Hastreiter’s pick) at the Artware Editions booth, and eat a bite-sized burnt caramel s’more from S’more Bakery. “You have to think about the mix,” Haistreiter says. “Pair the savory with the sweet, and put complementary foods side by side. And you have to try the Kvass from The Gefilteria,” she adds. Kvass is a palette-cleansing fermented tonic made from ginger and beets that’s fondly referred to as a Jewish kombucha.

“I mean that,” Hastreiter says, “is the stuff.”

The Paper Magazine Super (Duper) Market is at 410 West 16th Street. Open Friday (11 a.m.-4 p.m.), Saturday (11-6 ) and Sunday (11-4); go to

.Collect Call | Mickey Boardman’s Royal Ware
Fête Accompli | T Magazine Toasts Edible Selby
Chance Encounter
Quote Unquote | Roadkill By Any Other Name…
Party Central | Pedro, Penélope and Paper
..A fine selection indeed!!!

I hope, for the sake of all those attending, that Miette will supply some quantity of their ice cream sandwiches....Earl Grey upon house made graham crackers for instance.....oh my, yes! Would love to join you this weekend...Comic-Con calls instead.

Bill Harris
San Diego…...

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