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Building Brand
It is been over a year since Instagram announced the launch of the video feature, but brands have been slow to respond. According to Buffer, only 4% of Fortune 500companies have adopted video as an Instagram tactic. Forever 21 has embraced Instagram video as a core social marketing tactic. For many young women in the Forever 21 demographic, the beginning of the new school year is a chance to reinvent their image and try out new personalities and styles. With this in mind, Forever 21 is centering this year’s back-to-school campaign on the idea of making a statement.
A major driver of this campaign is an Instagram video contest that invites followers to upload a video of a dance routine with the hashtag #F21StatementPiece for a chance to win a $10,000 scholarship. As of this writing, the campaign has not even been up for two weeks and there have already been hundreds of responses. The kind of personal expression and effort it takes to come up with a dance routine, film it and then upload it is the deepest kind of engagement a brand can hope for.
This is not the only way brands can leverage Instagram video to create better campaigns, but it does serve as a prime example of the power it can have.
The company is using a good presence website with homepage and sub-categories. In addition, to promotional offers.
I recommend blogging as an additional way for branding awareness.

Registration * List other customer data of value the site could have added to its database at the time of registration. Explain why this data would be important to the company from a marketing perspective.

If they know only email addresses, it's safe to say they could know customer better. Admittedly they can contact them , but will they want to hear what you have to say?

The more to know about customers the better chance to have of pitching products and…...

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