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Marketing term: Majority fallacy

A marketing strategy that directs a new product to an entire market, or to the largest segment in it, solely because of its size. Today, this "shotgun" approach is felt to be almost always inferior to the alternative strategy of targeting to smaller segments
Marketing term:

Telescoping error is an error resulting from the tendency of people to remember events as occurring more recently than they actually did.
Marketing term: Evoked set

A group of relevant brands that a prospective consumer is favorably familiar with when they are thinking about making a purchase.
Marketing term: Inert set

brands that a buyer is aware of when considering a purchase but has no interest in.

Marketing term: Inept set

Brands that a buyer is aware of when considering a purchase, thinks poorly of , but uses in some way as a source of information.

*What attracted you to apply for the Unilever Future Leaders Programme?
Actually the main thing in Unilever which attracted me more is their challenging mind and of course i want challenge from which i may learn how to adapt and control a situation.

*What attracted you to your chosen function with Unilever?
As i am a marketing student i am very much interested on this function and it is those kind of jobs where i can do a lot of interesting activities like advertisement,events etc.
What actions have you taken to find out about Unilever and your chosen function?
I am searching website and also talking with our senior brothers and sisters to learn more about Unilever and i am choosing marketing as it is the heart of any business i think and i may do a lot of interesting activities.
*Please tell us why you think Unilever should employ you?

I think i am very much responsible and consistent to do my duty and of course i believe that every person success is depend on his own hand and of…...

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