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List of e-Lessons Mandatory for TO 2014 Batch Sr. No. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Lesson ID L0017 L0015 L0016 L0070 L0286 L0287 L0151 L0438 L0439 Name of the e-Lesson Time Management Business Values and Ethics Communication Banking Ombudsman RTI Act - I RTI Act - II Basics of Banking KYC, AML & CFT Part - I KYC, AML & CFT Part - II Fair Banking Practices Priority Sector Lending Financial Inclusion Agri Credit Process – Pre Sanction Agri Credit Process – Post Sanction Home Loans – Pre Sanction Inspection Housing Loan ( Regular Schemes) Housing Loan Others ( NRI Home Loan, SBI Yuva Home Loan, SBI Home Equity Housing Loan Others ( SBI Maxgain, SBI Realty, Loan for Earnest Money Deposit Education Loan - SBI Student Loan Scheme Education Loan - SBI Scholar Loan Scheme Auto Loans Part - I Auto Loans Part - II Personal Loan Liability Central Processing Centre ( LCPC) Retail Assets Central Processing Centre ( RACPC) Green Channel Counter Small and Medium Enterprises City Credit Centre (SMECC) Stressed Assets Resolution Centre ( SARC) 7 6 4 3 2 1 Month

10. L0060 11. L0132 12. L0124 13. L0227 14. L0278 15. L0298 16. L0034 17. L0302 18. L0300 19. L0422 20. L0423 21. L0431 22. L0432 23. L0062 24. L0006 25. L0008 26. L0229 27. L0010 28. L0011


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Name of the e-Lesson Trade Finance Central Processing Centre ( TFCPC) Short Term Agri Products Crop Loans Basics of Financing Agriculture ( Krishi Gyan) Self Help Group Farm Mechanisation Farm Mechanisation Other than Tractor Repayment Programme in Agri Loans Information Security Awareness Customer Service/Care ATM Operations - I (ATM Card - Basic Features and Other functions) ATM Opetations - II ( Products and Services) ATM Customer Service Corporate Internet Banking Retail Internet Banking - Customer Registration and Manual Intervention Transactions Retail Internet Banking - Branch Interface Mobile…...

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...Marketers engage the use of primary and secondary research tools to determine results of current and past information. The information acquired from the results of the inquiries defines the data in two different terms. Marketers dissect the information and categorize it in qualitative or quantitative terms. For marketing it is important to differentiate between primary and secondary research when using qualitative and quantitative approaches to use each one effectively and determine why. Primary Research Part of the marketing strategy implements research to determine results for the final goal. In a perfect world the information would be filed away and broken down in descriptive categories. When no established information has been provided researchers must turn to new collection processes. “When the researcher collects fresh data to meet the needs of research it is primary research. The tools of primary research include surveys, interviews, and observations. This is a direct method of carrying out research and so its tools are entirely different from that of secondary research” (Stewart, 1993, p.67). Primary research collects information from a variety of sources. Marketers use surveys, videos, laboratory testing, organizations records, and observations to gather information and relate it to data. Observations tend to be collected from focus groups, usually from the moderator. The moderator will conduct the group discussions on behalf of the organization and......

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...improve the quality of the relationship, while enabling customers to manage some information on their own. The following section will attempt to analyze CRM as a computerized system in respect of its usage and importance for marketing purposes, as well as the advantages for businesses. The customer relationship management (CRM) incorporates the description of all procedures of a corporation towards its customers. The main objective of the CRM software is to support these processes and to store relevant information about the current and potential clients. The scope of CRM procedures involves all processes, which in some respect are connected to the following areas: • Cooperation with customers • Serving of existing clients • Reselling to existing clients • Researching potential consumers CRM softwares provide support in the field of marketing, sales, customer services and call centers. Their application became popular among big corporations, however due to technological developments and to price reductions originating from the severe competition among software suppliers, nowadays it is affordable for middle- and small-size businesses as well. CRM softwares are able to manage the contact data of clients and potential customers and to handle marketing campaigns...

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