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MasterTrader Coin Whitepaper

This Whitepaper is a written description of what MasterTrader Coin is as a cryptocurrency. It includes: the specifications, security features, marketing plans, and innovational core components that back its’ overall value. This is also written to lay out MasterTrader Coin plans and Roadmap prospectus’. Comprising: future software and technology, MasterSave Certificate of Stake Program (COS), ToshiDesk™ Live Insider Trading API platform, and our future MasterHash™ Mining Solution.

MTR MasterPlan

Mission Statement: Why not get paid for valuable feedback? MTR has revolutionized the way we view micropayments globally. Finally, your thoughts, comments, trading advice, and content have monetized value!

How it Works: MTR will initially premiere on the Social Media Platform ToshiDesk™, where MTR will be utilized as an incentive based digital currency. MTR will connect Advanced Level Crypto- traders who provide qualitative data, insight, and analysis within the FinTech industry to Novice & Intermediate enthusiast seeking an in-depth real-time perspective of the world of Digital Currencies.

Main Focal Points of MTR: The platform ToshiDesk™ will have integrated web wallets attached to each account. Master (Content Provider) and Trader (Subscriber), have convenient & secure access to funds with instant confirmations within MTR’s blockchain. Each ToshiDesk™ user will have a generated wallet address linked to each account to deposit and withdrawal MTR funds from. Users load their wallets with the provided generated web wallet address. Users will be able to use funds for generously tipping members on multiple platforms. ToshiDesk links data analysis & insider knowledge to the rest of the world.

MTR’s Value: MTR will be integrated with core components that support the fundamental values of decentralization. ToshiDesk™ vital implementation of the MTR marketplace exponentially advances the MTR ecosystem. MasterSave™ achieves added value within FinTech with the introduction of COS (Certificate of Stake) another core service offered and insured with escrowed premine equity.

Premine Initiative

Public Escrow: 90.9% (10M) of MTR will initially be unreleased to the public as they will be stored securely in several multi-signature wallets using trusted escrow services of our choice.

Escrow Distribution: 4 separate escrows will each hold 2.5M MTR, which will be ultimately held for future developments of core company components such as ToshiDesk™ and MasterLoans™ guaranteeing a profitable user base that proves cash flow positive. We aim to build a decentralized distribution of the escrowed funds to guarantee the stability of MTR’s value long term.

Open Book Use of Premine: Each of the 4 escrowed wallet addresses will be publicly listed and available for balance inquiries at any time. 10M MTR will be dedicated to other core components of development.

Market Cap Visualizations: MTR aims to reach the Top 5 Market Cap within the first seven weeks of coin launch. The short term 3-week goal is to reach a $750,000 in total Market Cap and quickly rise to the top of the buzz feeds with our innovatively structured core components offered. These core components within the MasterNET™ will promote long-term value, stability, and innovation, captivating many investors to earn profitable returns and dividends.

Further Technical Specifications

10,110,000 MTR
110K total public distribution
10M MTR - pre-mine held in trusted multi-signature escrows for Core Component Development
Proof of Stake
10% (Annually)
7 Day POW (10,000 MTR)
Blocks will be generated, on average, at a rate of 1 block per minute BLOCK MATURITY
60 Seconds
3 Hours
BLOCK REWARDS: Block 1 Rewards 10,100,00 MTR Premine
Block 2-100 Rewards
0 MTR ( Fair Launch)
Block 101-10,100 Rewards
1 MTR Per Block

MTR Initiative


To achieve adequate funding for core component development, MTR Developers will execute an IPO that works through a proportional bidding system. Our reasoning, for pursuing this style IPO, is in large due to the fact we believe consumers’ demand should determine the price - this is how a real economy should work. In recent months, a large number of coin developers attempted to price their IPO themselves, consequently overcharging investors.

In summary, the final price per coin will be determined by how many Bitcoins we receive in the IPO.

No matter how many BTC we receive all 100K IPO coins will be distributed. If you invest 1 BTC and we only receive 100 BTC, then you will receive 1% of the 100K IPO coin supply. This system makes a fair and even distribution of coins because it is a system in which the percentage of coins you receive is equivalent to the percentage of BTC you supplied.

Needs to be our info though.

100K Coins -1000BTC Raised - Final Price .01 BTC

Our Market Cap Projections Infographic Needs to use this info and project this below in a nice sleek manor.

Our market cap would be .01000000 sats (X) 10,110,000 COINS = 101,100 BTC = $20,220,000

Projected Value of 1 MTR to equal $2.00 or .01 btc ( approx 1 BTC = $200 )

MTR Distribution

New Flow Chart ASAP: 2/4 Escrow MasterSave Equity - 1/4 Escrow ToshiDesk Development - 1/4 Escrow Private Investors! MasterSave CS™

Certificate of Stake (CS):

* Investor qualifies for MasterSave’s CS™ earning 10% annually. * Investor deposits BTC into MasterSave CS™ account equivalent to current market exchange rate. * MasterSave CS™ yields 10% annual returns in MTR. * MasterSave CS™ charges a 3 % in Fees:1% Escrow Fee , 1% Transfer Fee,1% Administration * MasterSave CS™ account holder increases deposited holdings contributing to the stability of digital currencies within the marketplace utilizing Certificate of Stake

MasterLoans charges a 3% Service Fee for its services. Brower will make 7% return
MasterLoan is Open about its Fees: Fee, Early Cancellation Fee 3%.


ToshiDesk™ Platform account types: Master (Author) / Trader (Subscriber)

Master- (users who wish to monetize their trading strategies by revealing insight, analysis, and forecast).
Trader- ( users who are looking to subscribe to a profitable traders trading strategies , in addition to viewing live feed to On-Demand API integrated trade executions).

Master Calls pay off: Contingent upon profitability ratings Masters may charge a subscription fee for releasing content via API integration and/or trends, forecast, and knowledge of marketplace. MTR (Subscription Fees) are determined by the Master.

ToshiDesk™ Overview-The ToshiDesk™ concept is based on PHP Yii framework and utilizes a modified version of Humhub social networking - open-source application . Development will conclude with enabled comment tipping which will allow users to reward your favorited traders with MTR ability to create new discussions (internally called Insider Hangouts) , providing 24 HR custom modules in addition to trading API’s which track and mimic your favorite MasterTrader’s trading techniques, greatly benefiting from insider knowledge the general public doesn’t know!

How is ToshiDesk™ Cash Flow Positive?: ToshiDesk™ takes a tiered % of the subscription fee a Trader pays to a Master.

ToshiDesk™ Rating System: The % of subscription fees taken by ToshiDesk™ are based on a tier style rating system. As the the Master’s rating and popularity increases, the % of subscription fees are reduced allowing higher ranked Masters to earn greater commissions!

HumHub GitHub: HumHub Website:

ToshiDesk™ Rating System

Tier 1: Will be considered the lowest ranking in the ToshiDesk™ Rating System and will require a 5% deduction for subscription fees to be paid to ToshiDesk™ while the Master receives the remaining 95% of the subscription payout. A Master will have to earn 100 positive ratings to graduate to a Tier 1 ToshiDesk™ Rating.

Tier 2: Will be considered the 2nd lowest ranking in the ToshiDesk™ Rating System and will require a 4% deduction for subscription fees to be paid to ToshiDesk™ while the Master receives the remaining 96% of the subscription payout. A Master will have to earn 250 positive ratings to graduate to a Tier 2 ToshiDesk™ Rating.

Tier 3: Will be considered the 3rd highest ranking in the ToshiDesk™ Rating System and will require a 3% deduction for subscription fees to be paid to ToshiDesk™ while the Master receives the remaining 97% of the subscription payout. A Master will have to earn 450 positive ratings to graduate to a Tier 3 ToshiDesk™ Rating.

Tier 4: Will be considered the highest ranking in the ToshiDesk™ Rating System and will require a 2% deduction for subscription fees to be paid to ToshiDesk™ while the Master receives the remaining 98% of the subscription payout. A Master will have to earn 650 positive ratings to graduate to Tier 4 ToshiDesk™ Rating.

MasterSave™ Frequently Asked Questions
Is there a penalty for early withdrawal of my money from the MasterSave CD™?
When you open a certificate of stake (CS), you’re agreeing to keep your Bitcoin in the account for a specific period. If you want to withdraw your Bitcoin earlier, you will be subject to the following penalties: * For CS with terms of less than 90 days: all interest earned on the amount withdrawn or seven days interest on the amount withdrawn, whichever is greater * For CS with terms of 90 days up to 12 months: 90 days interest on the amount withdrawn * or CS with terms of 12 months up to 60 months: 180 days interest on the amount withdrawn * For CS with terms of 60 months or longer: 365 days interest on the amount withdrawn
In addition to these penalties, you will also pay the amount of any BTC bonuses you received when you opened or reinvested the account.

How will I be notified that my CS™ is going to mature?
A electronically generated email will be sent regarding a Maturity notice or Soon to Mature notice will be sent at least 20 days in advance for CS™ terms of 32 or more days.

How do I renew my CS™?
To renew your CS, please visit a or email a customer service representative at

Which rate is applied to my CS™?
The interest rate that was quoted on the day you applied is the rate that is applied to your CS™. You will begin to accrue interest on the day the account is processed, not the day you apply.

When do I start earning interest on my CS™?
Interest begins to accrue on the day the application is processed, not the day the application is submitted. Your application will be processed at the interest rate that was effective the day you submitted the application.


Housing Container/Technology: CarnotJet™ Submersion Cooling Container

Container Rack Capacity: The CarnotJet™ CNJ-C3 fits up to QTY-8 48U racks and redundant infrastructure in the space of a 40’ ISO shipping container for a total server capacity of 384U per container. The CNJ-C3 may be stacked double-high and side-by-side, resulting in a maximum power density of 800 Watts per square foot.

Unparalleled Energy Efficiency: Servers installed in the CarnotJet™ solution use 10% - 20% less power than air-cooled equivalents due to the removal of server fans and lower component temperatures. In addition to power savings on the server side, the cooling system itself features just 3% - 5% overhead for a mechanical PUE (power usage effectiveness) of 1.03 - 1.05.

MasterTraderCoin Frequently Asked Questions

1. How are new coins created, if there is no mining stage?

The coin will be Proof-of-Stake, so that means by holding coins in your wallet for at least 3 hours they will begin Staking. This process creates POS blocks in the network, and your chance of receiving one of these blocks is based on what percentage of staking coins you hold. MasterTrader Coin will have a 10% yearly interest on Staking coins.

2. How fast are transactions?

MasterTrader has 1 minute block times and requires 6 confirmations for a transaction to be completed. Transactions should show immediately upon sending coins, but will take at least 3 minutes to be confirmed. This is significantly faster than Bitcoin, and is one of the reasons that MasterTrader Coin can be more widely adopted by merchants.

3. How many MasterTraderCoin will 1 Bitcoin get me?

The ICO is a proportional bid system, so 1 BTC will get you a percentage of coins proportional to the percentage of BTC you contributed. If we raise 100btc, then 1btc is 1% of the total ICO. This means you would receive 1% of coins, or 1,000 MTR.

4. How will you support the marketcap you metion to reach (mentioned in Marketcap Visualizations), and when it reaches it how you plan to maintain it and stabilize the price of the total coin supply of MasterTrader Coin?

We will start by using a small amount of the ICO to buy MTR off the market once it launches on exchanges. Then we will continually buy off the market when we believe there are good entry points. We are hoping for a portion of the fund to be acquired through donations from the MasterTrader community. These donations can come in the form of any altcoin, which we will then dump in order to buy more MTR off the market.

5. Are the plans listed in the whitepaper the only releases we should expect from you?

No, the plans listed here are the major projects that we will be working on and releasing in the future of MasterTrader. Along with these plans we will implement any future features or updates that the community feels will benefit the coin. Also, don’t forget that along with the bounties we have and the projects the community takes on,
MasterTrader will see many more released ideas.

6. Any plans to implement anon?

At no point will we be considering implementing any form of anonymous transactions. This whole movement towards anon seems very novel, and purely based on an attempt to generate hype for coins. Real currencies whose purpose is to be a global monetary unit cannot have anonymous transactions. We are not trying to cater to the underground market; we are working to be accepted everywhere. Due to these reasons, anonymity is simply illogical.

7. Who are you?

We are currently a four-man team which consists of a business leader, development leader, graphical designer, and public relations manager. At this point we prefer to remain anonymous as to our personal information, but we will give it out at some point in the near future. Knowing anonymity is not ideal when it comes to devs because of the recent scams, we have verified our identity with CoinsSource and have given them our names, social media, personal email, phone number, address, even driver’s license. We are doing this to show you we have nothing hide, and as stated, we will reveal our identity in the near future.

8. Will you expand the team?

We do plan on bringing experienced developers onto the team, either for contract development jobs, or to actually join MasterTrader if they have ample time. The main purpose of this will be expediting certain development projects, as well as bring fresh ideas to the team. Our process of finding developers will be very thorough, and we will only work with top level devs who can contribute something innovative.

9. Where can I get updates on Mastertrader Coin?

Twitter: (ADD HERE)


{Pre ANN}-
MasterPlan (RoadMap) Infographic Layout

MAX time frame for MasterPlan: 6-9 Weeks

Plan to have completed within 6-9 Weeks from Post Pre ANN.

Week 1 - MasterTrader Wallet Design / Coin Source Code (GitHub) - Done
Week 2 - Windows Wallet/ Mac Wallet - Done
Week 3 - Confirmed Pool for 10K MTR POW Period (7d) - Done (SPRNOVA POOL 1%)
Week 4 - Coin Escrows established and publicly viewable- In progress
Week 5 - IPO Launch Exchange Confirmed - In progress
Week 6 -Block Explorer Provider Established and Online- In progress
Week 7 - MTR Website Beta Design Completed - In progress
Week 8- Official MTR addition to its first reputable exchange - In progress
Week 9- PR/Media Campaign/ Spokesperson (Twitter-Facebook-Etc.)- In progress

Above is a 1.5 month plan, within 2 weeks will include an additional pre map to the second Roapmap. Effectivley leveraging the news to our advantage.

Android Wallets, Iphone Wallets? Web Wallets? - Maybe Stage 2 Roadmap.

Should take 3 Weeks at least for mobile wallets, online should be done quickly, depending on expenses.

WebWallet could get done in 3 days with Nerio..or less.

Need to gather a Team willing to work for future investments with company, some diehard enthusiast looking for a large scale project like this. We doooo. Some do work for free...They are all over the BCT. Just looking for fun work experience. Will Need discreet ppl, who have real deal skills. That wont be “free” but we may INFOGRAPHICS BRAINSTORMING

{MTR Official ANN}- MasterPlan (RoadMap) Infographic Layout

MAX time frame for MasterPlan Implementation: 4-6 Weeks

Plan to have completed within 4-6 Weeks from Post Official MTR ANN.

Week 1 - Done
Week 2 - Done
Week 3 -
Week 4 - In progress
Week 5 - In progress
Week 6 - In progress
Week 7 - In progress
Week 8 - In progress
Week 9 - In progress

Asset Value & Fee Structure

A. MTR Assets value may be derived from Layered Tokens B. Establish a fee structure from several MTR merchants, Each Merchant will associate asset value derived upon specialized token. a. ToshiDesk i. Fee Structure: Should this be dependant on Rank? Rating System? b. MasterSave ii. 5 % Fee c. MasterHash iii. 4 % Fee d. MasterNet iv. 3 % Fee C. Each Holder of Specialized Token from participating Merchants will earn fees associated with MTR service provider. e. Enhancing MTR Marketplace by providing an incentive based economy effectively decentralizes MTR coins Asset value, establishing an alternative pairing other than BTC.

Bittrex to hold ICO for 100K MTR.
Bittrex ICO cap will 400BTC
Projected Value of (100K MTR) @ 420 BTC ICO SELL OUT would be 0.0040 BTC per/ MTR
If all 100K MTR are not sold during IPO the remaining IPO coins will be distributed evenly amongst all investors based on accumlative IPO BTC raised.
IPO will be considered a success with 42 BTC raised ( 10% )


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The Coin of Photography

...Flipping The Coin of Photography Before, I tell you about what I am going to write, first and foremost I would like you all to imagine two situations. The first is suppose you enter an old palace, what do you expect to find. Well, you are sure to have a glimpse of numerous paintings hung on the gorgeous walls depicting portraits of glorious emperors and his beautiful wives, or certain scenes of importance being depicted on the walls. Any genuine person would call the palace and its adored paintings, a work of art and rather be mesmerised by the antiquity. Now, the second situation is somewhat we all are acquainted with. What do you expect to find as you enter the house of a popular film star. Well you are luckily you are going to see numerous photographs of stars being framed and hung on the wall. You can also find a good deal of landscape photographs in any modern household. Well, now the question arises. Will you call this house a patron of art? This is where the ambiguity arises. It has been almost 180 years now, and still innumerable critics have been raging a battle among themselves on whether to consider photography as an art. Well, I am no critic, neither I am any artist or photographer. I am what you all are, a layman. And I will try to analyse things from layman’s point of view. So, being impartial, standing on the vulnerable bisector dividing the two forms, I would like to establish art with photography. How do we describe art? Art is a form of media be it......

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Cleaning Coins

...For my experiment, I used American coins dated after 1982. The metal compositions of the coins are as follows according to The United States Mint. The penny is 2.5% CU/Balance zinc (copper plated zinc). The nickel is 25% nickel/balance CU (cupronickel). The dime is 8.33% balance CU (cupronickel). The quarter is 8.33% Balance CU (cupronickel). Tarnish on coins happen when the metal combines with oxygen. Oxidation, which causes tarnish, is a chemical reaction. Oxidation also happens with reduction, which is when something gains electrons. pH (on the pH scale) stands for “the power of “H”, or hydrogen. The lower something is on the pH scale, the higher its acidity. Rust can weaken a coin or any other metal material. The green patches on coins are called copper oxide. It is caused by oxidation. When an acid reacts with tarnish, it makes the coins shiny. In order for oxidation to occur, the air has to be damp. In my experiment I used specific solutions to clean coins. Lemon juice has a ph of 2.2. Baking Soda has a pH of 8.4. Water has a Ph of 7. Orange juice has a Ph of 3.70. Cola has a Ph of 3.18. Dishwashing liquid has a pH of 7.80. Solutions with a pH less than 7 are acidic and solutions with a pH greater than 7 are alkaline or basic. Pure water is neutral and isn’t an acid or a base. pH is an important measurement used in various medical, biological, chemical, environmental, and nutritional labs. pH standards are determined using a concentration cell with transference, by......

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Cleaning Coins

...BELL RINGERS – THE NUMBER SYSTEM – GRADE 8 Task 1 - Which of the following numbers are perfect squares? Explain your reasoning. 5, 9, 36 and 41 Task 2 - Which of the following numbers are perfect cubes? Explain your reasoning. 8, 12, 27 and 64 Task 3 - Problem: Represent the following rational number in fraction form 0.333? Task 4 - Instructions: Decide whether each of the following numbers is rational or irrational. 1. 0.333 ______________________ 2. √4 ______________________ 3. √2 = 1.414213… ______________________ 4. 2 ______________________ 5. 11 ______________________ 6. 12.3456565656 ______________________ Task 5 - Give possible coordinates for the following points. A. K’s x-coordinate is between B. L’s x-coordinate is between j and j j and j K’s y-coordinate is between L’s y-coordinate is between j and j j and j K’s coordinates could be ( j, j) L’s coordinates could be ( j, ___ ) Task 6 Look at Point F on the number line below. a. Where are the points that are GREATER than Point F? Task 7 Timothy, Adrienne, and Robert all started with 0 points. Timothy’s score is at 25, Adrienne’s score is at -30, and Robert’s score is at 10. ...

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Ip5 Whitepaper

...One well known part of Global Mobile is its skill in production in the mobile market. In return it is easy to attract customers to buy their products which in turns maintains the motivation of the workforce to be reliable, and innovative. They have not had a problem with dealing with the competition in their long history in the market. They often promote and showoff their most valuable employee, the Director of Product Development. His creative ideas have keep Global Mobile ahead of the competition and satisfies their customers. Even with the increasing demand, more and more innovative and efficient ideas continue to come from the Product Development department. The Skill of the firm is a result of selective staffing of talented newcomers that can be productivity in the firms unique work environment. The synergy from the staff and the structure that Global Mobile offers has allowed employees to reach their full potential. For example, the informal structure has allowed the Director of Product Development be as creative as he wants which has yielded unique products that have set Global Mobile from the rest of the competitors in the market. Having highly capability staff means there is little to no training needed on the job which means more time being productive and fully functional within the firm. Based upon the structure of Global Mobile being informal with a hierarchy to direct concerns without actually being restrictive their strategy is never really set in stone. This...

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...White Paper What is a 'White Paper' A white paper is an informational document issued by a company to promote or highlight the features of a solution, product or service. White papers are sales and marketing documents used to entice or persuade potential customers to learn more about or purchase a particular product, service, technology or methodology. White papers are designed to be used as a marketing tool before a sale, and not as a user manual or other technical document developed to provide support to the user after making a purchase. Next Up 1. Knowledge Capital 2. Offering Memorandum 3. Economic Moat 4. Marketing 5. BREAKING DOWN 'White Paper' The purpose of a white paper is to promote a certain product, service, technology or methodology, and to influence current and prospective customers' decisions. Many white papers are designed for B2B (business to business) marketing purposes, such as between a manufacturer and a wholesaler, or between a wholesaler and a retailer. The white paper is used to inform and persuade the other company that a certain offering (such as a product or technology) is superior for solving a particular business problem or addressing a certain challenge. In relation to B2B marketing, there are three main types of white papers: backgrounders, which explain the technical features of a particular offering; numbered lists, which highlight tips or points regarding an offering; and problem/solution white papers, which introduce an...

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...The White Paper on Local Government 9 March 1998 The White Paper is dedicated to the memory of Tshepiso Mashinini (1966-1998), chairperson of the White Paper Working Committee, and all the other women and men who contributed to the building of a democratic system of local government in South Africa CONTENTS Foreword by Minister Mohammed Valli Moosa Foreword by Mr Pravin Gordhan Introduction SECTION A: CURRENT REALITY 1. A history of local government 2. The current state of local government 2.1. The different forms of municipality 2.2. Local government finance 2.3. Administration 2.4. Legislative complexity 2.5. Powers and functions 2.6. Global and national trends 2.7. The transition process 3. Settlement patterns and trends 3.1. Introduction 3.2. Settlement types 3.3. The implications of current settlement patterns 4. Defining the challenge for local government 4.1. Challenges facing South African municipalities 5. Concluding comment SECTION B: DEVELOPMENTAL LOCAL GOVERNMENT 1. Characteristics of developmental local government 1.1. Maximising social development and economic growth 1.2. Integrating and coordinating 1.3. Democratising development, empowering and redistributing 1.4. Leading and learning 2. Developmental outcomes of local government 2.1. Provision of household infrastructure and services 2.2. Creation of liveable, integrated cities, towns and rural areas 2.3. Local economic......

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