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Culturally Sensitive Nursing care In Maternity For Japanese Patients

March 28, 2012

Abstract Nurses need to be culturally congruent in order to offer culturally, competent care to their clients. To be able to care for Japanese women, during the prepartum, intrapartum, postpartum phases and for her newborn infant, it is necessary to have knowledge and continued education of the patient and her family’s culture and customs. The US Census Bureau accounts that approximately 1.3 million individuals of Japanese descent reside in the United State (US census bureau 2009). In the Japanese culture, the main focus for men is to support their family financially; therefore it is the woman’s job to care for their household. During the pregnancy and postpartum period, Japanese women will benefit from the care, support and education given by their nurse.

Culturally Sensitive Nursing care in Maternity for Japanese Patients
The nurse’s cultural knowledge and understanding of the patient’s religion, customs, beliefs, and nutritional preference, are crucial tools for successful communication. Teaching and implication of nursing intervention are also very important during: prenatal, postnatal and motherhood stages during her hospital stay and in the community setting.
Japanese are taught the English language from the age of six; therefore a language barrier should not be an issue. “Harmony and consensus are vital part of any communication. Japanese make considerable effort to ensure that they maintain harmony” (Japanese Ethnicity and Background). Although there should not be a language barrier, individuals of Japanese descent may at times agree or answer in the affirmative even if they did not really understand the topic of…...

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