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Mc Donalds Reaction Paper

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Reaction Paper By: Charles L. Roman

Title: The World Is Flat
Author: Thomas Friedman
Publisher: 13579108642
Pages: 216

I. Summary

The author introduces theory that the world is flat. He traveled to Japan, China, America and India that lead him to this conclusion. It starts while he is playing golf when he finds himself surrounded by advertisement of traditional American companies such as Pizza Hut, Epson, HP and Texas Instruments.
He identified ten influencing factors that led to globalization and world flattening. First is Collapse of Berlin Wall it allowed people from other side of the wall to join the economic mainstream. (11/09/1989). Then on 1995 internet was lunched. Free workflow software follows allowing people from around the world to collaborate and work together on projects using a shared medium. Communities are uploading and collaborating on online projects. Companies splits service and manufacturing activities into components, with each component performed in most efficient, cost-effective way. Using the Chinese manufacturing sector forced other developing countries to try to keep up with their low cost solutions, resulting in better quality and cheaper products being produced worldwide. By using technology to modernize item sales, distribution, and shipping. Employees are working for another company. People on their own had the ability to find so much information about so many things and about so many other people. Finally, the presence of personal digital devices like mobile phones, iPods makes the life better and faster.
When the factors came together they created an environment rich for flattening. Thus, creation of complementary software and the internet, and political factors that caused several developing countries, including China, Russia, India and Latin America, to open their borders at this time with the…...

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