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“Measuring the Effectiveness of Grameenphone’s Csr Programs in Creating the Brand Awareness”

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“Measuring the Effectiveness of
Grameen Phone’s CSR Programs in Creating the Brand Awareness”

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Ms.Nasrin Sultana Lecturer Department of Business Administration

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Some of the key CR initiatives:

Helping and caring for the community is an essential component of Grameen phone's
Corporate Social Responsibility; therefore we endeavor to make a positive contribution to the underprivileged community of Bangladesh by helping in improvement of the health perils in the country as much as possible. Healthcare is still inaccessible for many Bangladeshis. Almost half of the country's population live below the poverty line and cannot even afford basic healthcare. Only 35% of the rural population use adequate sanitation facilities and 72% have access to clean drinking water. Moreover the people of the flood-prone areas suffer from many waterborne diseases. Two of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) are to; reduce the under-five mortality rate and to improve maternal health by reducing the maternal mortality rate. In Bangladesh, the infant mortality rate is 66 per 1000 and the maternal mortality rate is more than 315 per
1000 during child birth, which is one of the highest in Asia. The major problem in this sector is the significant gap between healthcare knowledge and practice and availability of the healthcare services. Therefore, all possible sources, be it public or private, should mobilize their efforts to make healthcare services available to the people who need it most, and thus help in achieving the MDG goals. Our plan is to engage in programs, especially in the rural areas, that will assist in creating awareness about healthcare and healthcare services and help improve the overall quality of life.

Safe Motherhood and Infant Care Project (2007-2010)
Grameenphone in partnership with Pathfinder International and through USAID’s network of Smiling Sun clinics provided free essential healthcare services (ESP) via 318 static clinics, 8000 satellite clinics and 6000 community-based health-workers across the country from 2007-2010.

Project Milestone: ❖ A total of 1.7 million services provided to economically disadvantaged mothers and infants & more than 8000 institutional deliveries were conducted free of cost. ❖ Patiya and Bhola clinics of two NGOs (FDSR and Swanirvar Bangladesh) upgraded to emergency obstetric care centers. ❖ 10 motorized vans (ambulances) provided to facilitate better patients’ referral. ❖ 4 clinic-on-wheels were given to increase the accessibility of services in the hard-to-reach areas.

NID Awareness Campaign (2007 – 2012)
In an effort to eradicate the re-emergence of polio, Bangladesh observed several rounds of the National Immunization Days (NIDs) in 2007 till date to immunize around 24 million children under the age of five. Grameenphone has been a proud partner of the mass awareness campaign during these NIDs .As part of the campaign, radio and newspaper announcements urged parents to bring their children to nearest vaccination centers across the country; free SMS alerts were sent to all Grameenphone subscribers. Mobile vaccination centers also provide vaccination across DCC.

Every sight counts – 24 Free Eye Camps (2007-2010)
Bangladesh is a signatory to the VISION 2020: Right to Sight, a global initiative jointly launched in 1999 by WHO and IAPB, to eradicate blindness from the world by the year 2020.80% of Bangladeshis living in rural areas are almost completely deprived of all eye-care services. Grameenphone, jointly with Sight savers International, organized free eye camps in different parts of the country. Prior to the days of the eye-camps, community based public announcements were carried out in the targeted localities to ensure optimal participation by the community. In these eye camps, two types of services were provided: free prescription based on necessary medical check-up, and free cataract surgery, if required. More than 6000 cataract surgery were performed through these centers.

Helping Thalasaemia patients
Keeping in mind these two vital factors - lack of awareness and supply requirement of healthy, fresh blood - Grameenphone, as a responsible corporate citizen, aimed to organize 3 blood collection campaigns every year among GP employees which were donated for the treatment of thalasaemia patients. The main objective was to address the problem of acute shortage of fresh, healthy blood supply as well as lack of wide awareness regarding this disease. Regular fresh blood transfusion might help a thalasaemia patient to maintain almost a regular lifestyle. But this is not as simple as said. Bangladesh suffers from acute shortage of fresh, healthy blood supply.

789 Health line ❖ The Health line service, first of its kind, is designed to extend primary healthcare information and services to people in both rural and urban areas. It is a 24-hour Medical call center which provides services through an interactive teleconference between Grameenphone mobile user and a licensed physician.

❖ Grameenphone subscribers may seek medical advice on emergency, non-emergency regular medical situation by just dialing ‘789.'

Healthline is a unique service that provides medical consultation and services to patients 24 hours a day 7 days a week over the mobile phone. Any Grameenphone subscriber can call health line service. The Health Line Service is an interactive teleconference between a Grameenphone mobile user and a licensed physician, available round the clock. Grameenphone subscribers may seek medical advice on emergency, non-emergency or regular medical situation by just dialing 789. Apart from the core medical consultation service, a 789-caller will also enjoy additional medical information services; they can avail doctor and medical facility information, drug Information, interpretation of laboratory test reports & data, and emergency support information as supplementary services.

Partnership with UNAIDS for AIDS awareness Camp– 2009) ❖ Grameenphone embarked upon a CR partnership with UNAIDS, a joint venture of the United Nations family, to build an AIDS-free Bangladesh through the Asia PacificLeadership Forum (APLF).

❖ Grameenphone works jointly with UNAIDS in their advocacy campaign to create awareness about HIV and AIDS to create a non-discriminatory and enabling environment for HIV- and AIDS-affected individuals at the workplace and in the wider community.

❖ Grameenphone carried out an extensive mass media campaign starting from mid- November leading up to the World AIDS Day on 1st December, including television Commercials, press advertisements, radio announcements and billboards.

❖ Grameenphone also sponsored the screening of a telefilm titled UTSHO (The Source) produced to raise awareness on HIV/AIDS issue.

❖ A direct mail with messages from the CEO and APLF champions were sent to leading corporate houses of the country on World Aids Day.

Partnership with Dhaka Ahsania Mission (2007-till date) ❖ Launched a partnership with Dhaka Ahsania Mission to sponsor the complete development and upkeep of five wards and an Operation Theatre at the under construction Dhaka Ahsania Mission Cancer & General Hospital.

❖ One third of the beds sponsored by GP will be reserved for economically disadvantaged patients who will receive free admission and full treatment; the rest of the disadvantaged patients will also receive treatment at a subsidized rate.

Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action (MAMA) –2011-2012
MAMA initiative uses mobile phones to deliver lifesaving health information to parents-to-be and new parents in Bangladesh either by calling to the port 16227 or sending SMS to the port (16227) with the required information. Once expectant and new mother have registered, the health information services will inform women of ways to care for themselves during pregnancy, dispel myths and misconceptions, highlight warning signs, connect women with local health services, reinforce breast feeding practices, explain the benefits of family planning, and make new mothers aware of how best to care for their babies.

Technology and Digitalization:

Internet Genius Campaign
Grameenphone brings Internet to schools
Grameenphone has joined the biggest ever education sector project in Bangladesh and brings Internet to secondary and higher level educational institutions across the country. Bringing Internet to the people 102 events in 1000 schools and colleges were visited by 300 000 people in Bangladesh. This was Grameenphone's contribution to let them explore the world of Internet.

I-Genius : Grand Proud Partner of Special Olympics Team Bangladesh
Grameenphone Sponsored Special Olympic Bangladesh Team to participate in the World Summer Games in 2011, held in Athens. 40 athletes [boy 28 girl 12] participated and won a total of 60 gold medals among which 37 were gold medals. Special Olympics Bangladesh Football team qualifies for Brazil.Special Olympics Bangladesh team has qualified for the prestigious "FIFA Unified World Cup Football Tournament", which will be held in Brazil on 2014.24 teams from all over the world will be playing in “FIFA Unified World Cup Football Tournament, Brazil” in 2014.Special Olympics team won Gold Medal in Floor Hockey Event at Special Olympics Winter Games held in South
Korea defeating defending champion Canada. Grameenphone is the proud sponsor of Special Olympics Bangladesh national team from 2007.


Online School:
Online school means a remote school is connected with a sub-urban school in Dhaka where the teacher conduct the class using video conferencing technology where the teacher and students both the party can interact with each other. The students will also get necessary books and stuff in the online school. On 4 October, 2011 Grameenphone signed an agreement with Jaago Foundation to launch a CR initiative named ‘Online School’. At present, the Jaago Foundation has three schools for the children who are living at the slums. Two of them are at Rayer Bazaar and Banani. The third school is at (Boro Bari, Gacha para) Tongi. The pilot is taking place between the schools at Rayer Bazaar and Tongi. Under this project 80 students participate in the class in two shifts – day shift and morning shift.
This initiative provides a quality education simultaneously both rural and sub-urban area. As well as the moderator who helps to operate the class, they also get the on the job training through this online school.
Though we also are facing some sort of obstacles to adapt this technology, but the CR team working on it to resolve the problem. In the long run if the initiative is proved successful we are planning to implement this idea for at four Alookdeep (non-formal primary school come cyclone shelters) across the coastal areas of Bangladesh. And Asian institute of technology has shown interest on the concept and we are looking forward to have a technical collaboration about the initiative.



Today’s children are the future of tomorrow. And it is education that opens up unlimited possibilities for them to build the foundation for a bright future. However in Bangladesh, 65% of our people live in the darkness of illiteracy, 40% of our children have never gone to school, and 93% of primary school-going students will never progress beyond primary education. Poverty is the main cause behind all this.

Therefore, Grameenphone is a part of the Grameen Shikkha Scholarship Management Program that makes it possible for the bright but underprivileged students to realize their educational endeavors.


This program inspires underprivileged students and gives them the opportunity to study hard and grow as real leaders so that on completion of their studies they may take the challenge to become future leaders of Bangladesh.

Project Duration

December 2003- till date

Project Description

Grameenphone, in collaboration with Grameen Shikkha, an organization of Grameen Bank Family, provides financial assistance to 100 bright but underprivileged students through a scholarship fund at different academic levels annually. The fund is being managed directly by Grameen Shikkha. Currently 100 scholarships are being managed through Grameenphone’s fund.

Project Achievement

11 students participated in Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) examination last year (2010) and all of them have passed with flying colors. Four of them have achieved GPA 5.00 (A+) including one Golden A+. The rest have scored an ‘A’ grade. 5 students achieved a GPA 5 in Secondary School Certificate (SSC).

With a strong determination and an aim to become a doctor, Eyerin Al Naser was raised in the remote village of Kishoregonj along with three other siblings. She is the eldest daughter of a small poultry farmer who supports his business through micro-financing by Grameen Bank. She has accomplished brilliant results both in HSC (Golden A+) and SSC (A+). Eyerin is now preparing to get admission into Medical School. Each day is a hardship for the family. For this reason her mother makes contributions to the educational expenses of the other three children by providing private tuitions and sewing dresses for neighboring children.

Aspiring to be an Engineer, Nazmul Islam is the only son of M. A. Mannan and Jhorna Begum. They are day laborers who do not possess any land of their own to grow food and crops. Nazmul has scored GPA 5.00 (A+) in both SSC and HSC exams. He also got scholarships in Class V and Class VIII in talent pool. He has been acquiring partial financial support from his maternal uncle who works as a ‘Line Chief’ in a garment factory. Nazmul is now preparing himself to get admitted in an Engineering University.

Wishing to be a 'Clinician', Afzal Hosen is the son of a day laborer along with three other siblings. He was raised in a small house made of mud and straw. His family was unable to afford higher education, but Afzal continued to work hard and earned GPA 5.00 (A+). He also works as a private tutor to earn money for his family in his spare time. Now Afzal is preparing himself to be admitted into a Medical School.

Daughter of a construction worker, Parul Akhter was raised in a remote village of Feni district. Frustrated on getting an ‘A’ in the SSC exam in 2008, she promised herself to do better in HSC exam. Her conviction combined with her hard work and dedication earned her a GPA 5.00 (A+). Parul is now preparing to get admitted into a university to do her BBA.


Cyclone SIDR, a category 4 storm, struck Bangladesh in November 2007. It first hit the offshore islands and then swept across the southern coast east to west. This caused extensive damages. More than 3.1 million people in the 28 southern districts were reported to have been directly affected by the cyclone. It has been estimated that more than 3,500 people died, with extensive damages of roads and public buildings, including the destruction and partial destruction of 4,306 educational institutions. The most affected areas include Bagerhat, Barguna, Barisal, Bhola, Gopalganj, Khalkathi, Khulna, Madaripur, Patuakhali, Pirojpur, Shatkhira and Shariatpur districts. Objective
Alokdeep aims to provide shelter when natural calamities strike. It otherwise will act as a place to provide non-formal primary education to the poor population of the community.

Project Duration: October 2009 to till date

Project Description

Grameenphone, as part of its rehabilitation plans in the SIDR affected areas, committed to provide financial assistance to build four non-formal primary school-cum-cyclone shelters named as ‘Alokdeep’ in the southern belt of the country. RDF and Shushilan, the two local NGOs that operate in the selected areas are responsible for the overall management of the project which includes the construction Sand operation of the schools. Each of the Alokdeep consists with a two-storied building along with adjacent playground.
Pathorghata, Borguna,Nishanbaria, Borguna,Southkhali, Shoronkhola, Bagerhat Ryanda, Shoronkhola, Bagerhat

Project Achievement
According to the plan, constructions of all four Alokdeeps have been completed and are open for use whenever it is necessary. Two of the Alokdeeps have already started their operation as non-formal primary school and it is expected that the other Alokdeeps will start similar operation in the near future.

Partnership with Bishsho Shahitto Kendro (Every mind counts):

Young people are arguably the principal resource of a country’s future. They are the leaders of tomorrow. They represent prospects for economic and social development and the potential for change. In order to realize their full potential, the country needs to invest in them and make way for new opportunities for them. It is not simply the commitment of one generation to another to respond to their dreams and aspirations and translate them into reality, but indeed it is essential for the very survival of the country to do so. Thus, Grameenphone launched a strategic partnership with Bishsho Shahito Kendro, to support two of BSK’s programs: the Enrichment Program (Book Reading Program) and the ‘Know Bangladesh’ (Deshke Jano) program, with the objective to enlighten the youth of the country. Launch Date: February 2008 How it Works: As a part of the partnership, Grameenphone will be donating books to Bishsho Shahito Kendro for its “Enrichment Program”. In addition, GP will also sponsor the Prize Giving Ceremony of BSK’s Book Reading Program in three locations across the country – Dhaka, Chittagong and Khulna. On the other hand, the “Know Bangladesh” program is a bicycle tour initiative across Bangladesh by the youth. Participants will be assigned with places to visit and will learn about the relevant demographics, hardships and lifestyle of rural people in their assigned localities, and prepare write-ups on their experiences. Through the whole process, the participants will get to know Bangladesh better – a process towards becoming an enlightened human being. Project Milestone: → Donated 20,000 books to the “Enrichment Program”. → So far, 5 teams comprising of 35 Persons participated in the “Know Bangladesh Program”.

True Liberation War Stories (Every inspiration counts): The Liberation War is the central component of Bangladesh’s history. It symbolizes the glorious sacrifice of our heroes for the independence of our country. Thus, Grameenphone, in partnership with Centre for Bangladesh Liberation War Studies, sponsors the publication and free distribution of a series of illustrated books on Liberation War. The stories in these publications are based on true events of the heroics of our freedom fighters, essentially during frontal battles fought in the battle-fields of Bangladesh. Launch Date: July 2007 How it Works: The series consists of a total of six books. The targeted beneficiaries are school children, from class IV to class VIII, who will be provided with copies free of cost. The aim of these books is to familiarize children with the country’s Liberation War of 1971, and, in the process, create a sense of love and pride in them for their motherland. The books will be distributed in all six divisions of the country. Project Milestone: → ‘Tagra’, the first book of the series, published which will be distributed among the students of Dhaka division only. → Distribution process initiated of a total number of 20,000 copies.


Climate change is widely recognized as the greatest global sustainability challenge. Its implications are far-reaching for the environment, for the people, and for the global economy. Bangladesh, though being the lowest contributor to environmental degradation, is considered to be among the worst-hit countries to the effects of climate change. In view of this, as a responsible corporate citizen Grameenphone launched its environmental and climate change campaign Stay Green, Stay Close . Click Green is an internal initiative of this particular campaign .

The purpose of Click Green is to create climate and environment awareness among the employees of Grameenphone and encourage them to become active agents of sustainable and equitable development. At the same time, the program has been developed to encourage employees to think, reflect and act towards the goal of being environment friendly - promote an understanding that communities are pivotal to changing attitudes towards environmental issues. Above all, this initiative has been initiated to display the beauty and diversity of our country and to create awareness about what we will be missing if we do not act now to protect the planet.

Project Duration
2009 and June – August 2011 respectively

Project Description
A Photography Competition is being arranged for all GP Employees to create climate and environmental awareness among the valued employees of Grameenphone and to inspire ‘Green Lifestyle’. The best pictures will be selected by a judges panel out of the photo pool and the top 3 photos will then be displayed in an exhibition in GP House, head office of Grameenphone.

Project Achievement
Company wide environmental awareness and more environmentally responsible business behavior.

Stay Green, Stay Close

With the aim to support a healthier environment, Grameenphone set out to do its part with the launch of itsenvironmental and climate change campaign “Stay Green, Stay Close”Grameenphone organized a cleaningcampaign “Shobuje Thakun, Kachey Thakun” (Stay Green, Stay Close)around Dhaka University to celebrate Bengali New year-1418 with the aim to build a cleaner and greener Bangladesh. Each year the grand celebration for welcoming Bengali New Year generates more than 100 tons of wastes in Dhaka University area. Grameenphone partnered Dhaka City Corporation for this cleanup campaign.


Rehabilitation of Acid Victims (Every confidence counts): Acid throwing is an extreme form of violence in Bangladesh. Though both sexes are victims to this heinous crime, majority of victims are women and girls. The assaulters are, however, always men seeking retribution, motivated by hatred or jealousy. They throw acid not only to destroy the victims’ faces, but their hopes and dreams of ever being happy. It is meant to break their spirit and confidence. But, with proper encouragement and support, these survivors can still stride forward leading a life in their own terms and hence escape the social stigma of being a ‘victim.’ Grameenphone is lending support to the Acid Survivors’ Foundation (ASF) in the rehabilitation and reintegration of these victims into the society. Launch Date: September 2007. How it Works: Grameenphone has so far recruited six individuals who had been supported by the Acid Survivors’ Foundation. These individuals have been provided with the training by GP to help them develop the necessary skills to take on their new responsibilities at Grameenphone. Project Milestone: → 6 acid victims are now working in Grameenphone and earning their own living.

Set up blood bank in Bogra hospital:

Grameenphone Ltd will set up a blood bank in Rafatullah Community Hospital in Bogra to ensure safe and hygienic blood transfusion mainly for underprivileged patients.

Blood Bank at RafatullahCommunityHospital (Every smile counts): Safe blood transfusion is one of the most important pre-conditions for health safety. Yet, more than 50% of the total blood needed every year in Bangladesh is donated by professional donors who pose serious health risks of many contagious diseases. On the other hand, a mere 0.05% of the total population donates blood voluntarily in the country. If the numbers would rise to even 0.2%, the total requirement of blood could be fulfilled. In view of this, Grameenphone launched a full-fledged blood bank at one of Thengamara Mohila Sabuj Sangha (TMSS) health initiatives, the Rafatullah Community Hospital (RCH) in Bogra. This is the first and the largest blood bank in the northern region of the country funded by a private organization. The Rafatullah Community Hospital is located in Bogra right next to the Dhaka-Rangpur Highway, which is also an accident prone area with a high incidence of need for surgeries and blood transfusion. In 2006, RCH transfused 1260 bags of blood to its patients. The surgery department of the hospital now takes complete shape with the establishment of this blood bank. Launch Date: August 2008 How it Works: Grameenphone provided the financial assistance to set up the blood bank at the hospital, which will ensure adequate resources required for safe and hygienic blood transfusion for every patient requiring blood at RCH, especially the underprivileged. Grameenphone also aims to create awareness among the mass for voluntary blood donation through this project. Project Milestone: → Funding for necessary construction had been duly facilitated. → The blood bank has become fully operational since August 2008.

Cancer Management for the Poor (Every fight counts): It is estimated that there are around 1 million cancer patients in Bangladesh and about 200,000 new cases are being added every year. Around 150,000 cancer patients die annually. The problem of cancer in Bangladesh is particularly acute because cancer receives neither recognition nor funds as addressing the primary healthcare issues and ensuring associated services to the nation have still remained a challenge. As a result, the treatment facilities are lacking, trained doctors are scarce and the inadequate infrastructure in place is ill-maintained. Only 15,000 patients receive right treatment every year.In this situation, the Dhaka Ahsania Mission Cancer and General Hospital brings hope to all and Grameenphone is proud to be a part of the initiative to ensure cancer treatment for the disadvantaged people of the country. Launch Date: Construction of the hospital is currently ongoing. How it Works: Grameenphone sponsors the complete development and upkeep of five wards and an Operation Theatre (OT) at the under construction Dhaka Ahsania Mission Cancer and General Hospital. One third of the beds sponsored by GP will be reserved for more economically-disadvantaged patients who will receive free admission and full treatment. Other disadvantaged patients screened will also receive treatment, which will be significantly subsidized by Grameenphone. Grameenphone also works closely with Dhaka Ahsania Mission towards technical capacity building for cancer management. Project Milestone: → Funding for necessary construction has been duly facilitated. → Co-organized a half-day capacity building workshop with Dhaka Ahsania Mission Cancer Hospital, with active participation by the Harvard Medical School and Tata Memorial Hospital, in which over 60 cancer physicians participated. → Sponsored a pilot vaccination program for cervical cancer patients, which is first of its kind in the developing world. The pilot program is to be conducted jointly by Harvard Medical School and Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Medical University.

Helps Savar Victims with blood supply & Sustainable Business Model:

Grameenphone has extended its sincere support for 300 victims (injured & affected in the Savar Tragedy) through setting up Free Flexi load business facilities for them. The fund for this initiative has come from the donation of Grameenphone employees as well as from its corporate responsibility account. Earlier, just after the building collapse, Grameenphone had set up six phone booths – free of cost – adjacent to the site, to give telecommunication support to the family members of the victims. GP had also organized a blood donation program where employees donated blood for the wounded.…...

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Creating a Program

...While working in my most recent job, I was in charge of a backroom for a large retail company, and quickly realized that I could solve many issues with just a few simple programs. While I know in the spectrum of business, software or hardware changes are anything but simple, though the idea itself was relatively easy. I quickly realized that while during our inventory process that we would do most mornings, that while there was a system for the corporation to keep track of where and what was being shipped, we as the store did not have much of a hint as to what we were getting or for that matter how much of certain products we had at all. Being an intermediate programmer, I generally think in terms of programs and how I could make things better and easier, not only for myself but for everyone else on my team. The first thing for me is to get a view of the big picture of things, falling in line with the first step of the programming development cycle, Analyze. This gives me a chance to make sure that the ideas that I am coming up with are not just one of those far fetched, well if we had a stick, a match and a kangaroo type of ideas, but actually legitimate ideas that could improve our work flow. It gives me a good idea of what information you would need on both ends, being your inputs and outputs. The next step is designing my personal favorite. This is where you are fixing the problem with an algorithm, or a logical sequence of steps to solve a particular problem. I am very......

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Measuring the Effectiveness of Business Practice Laws

...Measuring the Effectiveness of Business Practice Laws Jennifer Torres Fuentes DeVry University Measuring the Effectiveness of Business Practice Laws In the world of business, laws that are intended to protect and ensure fairness amongst competitors and consumers have their ups and downs when it comes to how effective they really are. There are various policies and procedures that are put in place in an attempt to promote fair, balanced and competitive business practices, whose effectiveness suffers because of a lack of enforcement to their terms. Until society as a whole owns up to how badly we have reverted into unethical and demoralized behavior, the effectiveness of laws put into place to encourage us to practice socially responsible behavior will not be effective. When the needs of the many supersedes the needs of the few, only then will these laws, policies and procedures put in place to encourage socially responsible behavior being to have any real effect. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) enforces federal consumer protection laws that prevent fraud, deception and unfair business practices. The Commission also enforces federal antitrust laws that prohibit anticompetitive mergers and other business practices that could lead to higher prices, fewer choices, or less innovation. The Commission has enforcement or administrative responsibilities under more than 70 laws. They are grouped in three categories: (a) Statutes relating to both the competition and......

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Measuring the Effectiveness of Compliance Programs

...Measuring the Effectiveness of Compliance Programs Pradeep Parakh, Mumbai, India Why to have a Compliance Plan • Heightened scrutiny by regulators • Avoid problems before they occur • Improved effectiveness of organization The Importance of Compliance • Compliance provides stability in revenue • Compliance uncovers inadvertent errors which can be corrected before they create huge problems for the entity • Compliance allows continued service to consumers because paybacks and penalties can impact the delivery of future services • Compliance leads to a better relationship with regulators and those who have dealings with the entity Compliance Programs Must Have Substance • As evident by recent legislation, the focus of regulators is shifting from a focus on the presence of a compliance program to evidence that demonstrates the effectiveness of the compliance program • Regulators asks question such as – “Can you prove that your compliance program works?” Elements of Effective Compliance Plan • Written policies and procedures • Compliance Officer • Training and education . . . including . . .governing body members • Communication lines to the Compliance Officer • Disciplinary policies • Internal audits and, as appropriate, external audits • Response and investigation Types of Compliance Programs People Measure • • • • • • • • Security compliance Regulatory compliance Listing compliance Environmental compliance Safety compliance Quality control compliance Privacy......

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Marketing Communication for Brand Awareness communications on brand awareness and loyalty The influence of marketing communications on brand awareness and loyalty Introduction The study analyses the importance of spending on marketing communication to achieve brand loyalty and brand awareness. Brand awareness and brand loyalty are dimensions of brand equity. Brand equity refers to the value added to a product in its relationship with customers. Research indicates that brand equity is a strategic aspect of marketing management and can be created by strengthening one of its dimensions (Giese & Cote, 2000). Consequently, marketing has a potential effect on the brand equity because brand equity represents the impact of investment in the brand. The consumers are attracted to the product brand. The organization without brand deficits to sustain the competitor’s strength equates towards opponent brand equity (Grossmanova, Vojtkova & Kita, 2009). Organization should recognize its brand as an indefinable property. There is a direct connection with organization brand equity inside an intensive economics. Thus, companies need to look at the brand process and carry out these methods to cope with the well-known brands (Morgan & Hunt, 1994). The brand offers distinct concepts and features, thus conveying relevant information to the consumers. Although advertising plays an essential role in the marketing programs and strategies, growth and development of brand equity the primary......

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Brand Equity, Brand Awareness, and Brand Image

...Brand Equity, Brand Awareness, and Brand Image COM 302 Brand Equity, Brand Awareness, and Brand Image As consumers in the United States of America, Americans encounter a number of advertisements daily. Too many to possibly remember them all, then why do we choose Nike shoes, Colgate toothpaste, McDonalds food, or Toyota cars? Choices made by consumers are often affected by the brand image of the product purchased. A brand exists when a marketing entity receives its own name, term, sign, symbol, design, or any particular combination of these elements as a form of identification (Shimp, 2010). Without a recognizable brand, a product is but a mere commodity. Brands do not only furnish the environment in which we live, but also define who we are. Consumers like brands because they package meaning. They form a kind of shorthand that makes choices easier and in a world where time is an ever-diminishing commodity; brands make it easier to store evaluations (Aaker & Biel, 1993). The distinction between brand image and brand equity is that brand equity deals with the value, usually defined in economic terms, of a brand beyond the physical assets associated with its manufacture or provision (Aaker & Biel, 1993). Brand awareness comes from the brand image. Awareness includes strong, favorable, unique associations with a product. The highest awareness comes from consumers when they can recall from memory a specific brand when a product is mentioned. For example, if someone...

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Effectiveness of Cartoon Character’s in Creating Brand Preferences Among Kids

...Journal of Economic Development, Management, IT, Finance and Marketing, 6(1), 61-76, March 2014 61 Effectiveness of Cartoon Character’s in Creating Brand Preferences Among kids Ajay Jose Bharathiyar University, Coimbatore, India Dr. K. P. Saraswathiamma K P FISAT Business School, Angamaly, India Abstract Kids mean business to marketers. Around 40 crore kids below the age of 15 are India’s most conspicuous consumers, lapping up not just toys, eatables, gadgets, phones and clothes but also counseling their parents on big-ticket purchases. Intense competition to tap this young aspiring segment has seen big players relying on high spends advertisements, cross-selling, licensed merchandising, program length commercials, product placement and promotions involving free gifts. The researcher has tried to analyse the association of cartoon characters with brands in inducing Brand Preference among kids. Key Words: Branding, Cartoon characters, Kids, Endorsements, Consumer buying behavior, Advertising Effectiveness Introduction Children have a big say in family decision to purchase many products. Marketers are trying to cash on the children’s ability to nag their parents to induce purchase. Pester power is a child’s ability to affect their parents purchase decision, often through the use of nagging or pestering. Seth Gaurav et al. (2008) defines pester power as “the nagging ability of children to purchase......

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Csr: Creating Shared Value

...It is a central tenet of advocates of the concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR) that corporations receive a social sanction from society that requires that they, in return, contribute to the growth and development of that society. There is little argument as to the existence of this sanction but considerable debate as to whether it requires more of the corporation than the obvious: enhancing the society by creating and delivering products and services consumers want, providing employment and career opportunities for employees, developing markets for suppliers, and paying taxes to governments and returns to shareholders and other claimants on the rents generated by the corporation. For those with a narrow conception of CSR, the corporation has little, if any, obligation to the society other than the creation of economic rents that can accrue to the stakeholders with recognized rights to those rents. For those with an expansive view of CSR, the corporation should serve as an instrument of public policy by other means. For those seeking a compromise, CSR is something in between these two extremes. The discourse between the two extremes has, to some extent, taken on the characteristic of a religious debate, since little fact or science has been brought to bear that would reveal what the costs and benefits of CSR truly are. This has arisen not simply because many of those involved in the debate have a vested interest in the outcome......

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Brand Awareness of Hcl

...LOVELY PROFESSIONAL UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MANAGEMENT Report on Summer Training BRAND AWARENESS OF HCL LEARNING - CDC (Career Development Centre) -A Study in Chandigarh- Submitted to Lovely Professional University In partial fulfilment of the Requirements for the award of Degree of Master of Business Administration Submitted by: Gaurav Sharma University Registration No. 3450070065 DEPARTMENT OF MANAGEMENT LOVELY PROFESSIONAL UNIVERSITY JALANDHAR-NEW DELHI GT ROAD PHAGWARA PUNJAB Acknowledgment This project was result of my life’s best efforts till now and ultimate industry and corporate world experience. However, it would not have been possible without the kind support and help of many individuals and organizations. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all of them. I wish to express my sincere gratitude to my Training Coordinator, Mr. Ashwani Panesar and my Mentor and project guide for Summer Training, Ms. Mandakini, Lecturer in Management Department of Lovely Professional University, for providing me an opportunity to do my Six week Summer Training Project on “BRAND AWARENESS OF HCL LEARNING-CDC” in “HCL Infosystems Ltd., PHASE-8, MOHALI.” I am highly indebted to my project guide in HCL Infosystems Ltd, Mr.Tarun Kumar, Business manager-North, HCL Infosystems Ltd. for their guidance and constant supervision as well as for providing necessary information regarding the project & also for their support in......

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