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Media and Our Downfall

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I. Introduction: In our everyday lives we confronted with many obstacles and choices. We look for escapes and stress relievers. The media provides a false comfort away from those stresses. “Thus the predominant genres and modes of representation (news, chat show, soap opera) meet the needs and the desires for order of, and in, the everyday, and even in those areas of media production and consumption where it may be suggested that there is scope for both resistance and ambiguity (and there is evidence, for example, in popular music culture and in some online networks and bulletin boards that this is the case).” (Silverstone, R., 2002). It’s the media, producers and the fortune 500 companies that produce consumer goods and those companies that feed our imaginations with fallacies through “entertainment” television.
i. Thesis: It is my belief that we should hold the media accountable for its not only on a deontological level but, a judicial level as well.
II. Ethnics: while not mandatory is in good character.
i. Promote your business in a positive light. ii. Provide positive influences for children.
III. Where the stereotypes are: “There are many formal fallacies, mistakes in reasoning that occur due to the structure of the argument (the fallacy of affirming the consequent is, therefore, a formal fallacy). There are also hundreds of informal fallacies.” (Mosser, 2010)
i. Stereotypes and the media influence consumers with fallacies such as Slippery Slope, False Authority and Hasty Generalizations. ii. It’s “reality”, not the consumers’ reality but the producers, advertisers and writers.
IV. Blame it on the media: there ignorance and why they are wrong, “Even after a person leaves a situation where they faced negative stereotypes, the effects of coping with that situation remain,” says Inzlicht. “People are more likely to be aggressive after they’ve faced prejudice in a given situation. They are more likely to exhibit a lack of self-control. They have trouble making good, rational decisions.” (Kemick, 2010)
i. Nothing has a greater impact on the overall music industry then the music videos. This feeds into stereotypes. ii. Consumer sales are influenced by commercials. iii. What is seen in the media is not reality, just propaganda to influence the viewers to purchase products and strive to live in that reality
V. Conclusion: As long as we, the consumer, accept what is happening to our world, children and social classes the media will continue to feed on us, like leeches. The media will continue to flood the airwaves with fallacies to promote the sale of its goods and debt engorged lifestyles. It’s essentially up to us as a consumer to demand that they choose the ethically correct way… the question is how.

In our everyday lives we confronted with many obstacles and choices. We look for escapes and stress relievers. The media provides a false comfort away from those stresses. “Thus the predominant genres and modes of representation (news, chat show, soap opera) meet the needs and the desires for order of, and in, the everyday, and even in those areas of media production and consumption where it may be suggested that there is scope for both resistance and ambiguity (and there is evidence, for example, in popular music culture and in some online networks and bulletin boards that this is the case).” (Silverstone, R., 2002). It’s the media, producers and the fortune 500 companies that produce consumer goods and those companies that feed our imaginations with fallacies through “entertainment” television. It is my belief that we hold the media accountable for its fallacies not only on a deontological level but, a judicial level as well.
The obligational rule of ethics is not mandatory but, it’s always in good character to adhere to a standard that promotes yourself and the business in a positive light. Although many companies don’t adhere to any code of ethics if there is no financial gain. However, when it begins to destroy life and fundamental ways of life we must question that company and demand better of the company. We all know and have enjoyed many decades of the productions by The Walt Disney Corporation, right? Well since the release of the movie Finding Nemo fish sales have increased by twenty percent in the United States. “In particular, demand for clown fish has seen a noticeable upsurge, causing environmentalists concern that the film could result in further depletion of tropical fish and damage to reefs by contributing to a multi-million dollar trade that annually farms twelve million pieces of coral and twenty million tropical fish for aquariums worldwide.” (Best, K., 2004). The Walt Disney Corporation has an ethical responsibility to know the films that they endorse/ create affect young minds and the trickle-down effect is overwhelming. The film, Finding Nemo, captures the attention of children. The children want the fish and parents buy the fish. The trickle-down effect is when the pet stores have to requests fisherman to catch the fish and the fisherman during the process of capture destroy reefs disrupt the natural habitats and delicate ecosystems that exist because of these tropical fish. Lets’ say for the sake of argument that the fish die well we all can assume that the cycle starts again. The Walt Disney Corporation has to have an ethical responsibility to investigate but also to know the effects it causes through films such as, Finding Nemo.
The media and its negative stereotypes contrary to what they would like for us, the consumer, to believe has generational effects within every minority and non-minority group. The media taps into our fantasies and desires in order to sell promote and get us to consume its fallacies of reality. The media wants us to purchase a new home in the “fresh and new” areas of towns, cities or states. They want us to live in their world of “Big Brother” and “One life to live” in order to promote new fashion and new may be even false way of thinking. We purchase the latest and greatest swifter mop and upright bacteria trapping vacuum cleaners because of cleaver advertising. As consumers we go or continue down a road of debt and non-growth based on the inconstancies produced by fortune 500 companies. Stereotypically speaking we aren’t wise enough as consumers to know that some of these products aren’t needed. Ethically these companies should not target consumers in a negative way that has generational effects just to make a buck. Where the stereotypes dwell, “There are many formal fallacies, mistakes in reasoning that occur due to the structure of the argument (the fallacy of affirming the consequent is, therefore, a formal fallacy). There are also hundreds of informal fallacies.” (Mosser, 2010). This is where the stereotypes are hidden to influence the consumer. The consumer gets excited about a promoted way of dress or brand of clothing and is enticed by the advertisement to buy that product. This product purchase will bring some sort of status for example if you drive a certain type of car you are seen as savvy, “balling”, or The “man”. Now we should know that this is far from the truth. I know that everything with an “i”- pod, phone and pad is a status symbol; the symbolism is that you have money because you can afford a six hundred dollar phone, or eight hundred dollar slim computer. That my friend is a fallacy, there are many people that are targeted in advertising that cannot afford these luxuries but, they have to have it because of the status symbol. What I want the producers and advertisers to be accountable for is while the consumers are there cash cows the consumer is struggling to pay rent. The consumer is so consumed with having the latest technology that they never achieve the American dream of ownership; the dream of owning a home, car, having a wife with 2.5 kids and a college education for their children. Now if this is no longer the American dream than I know I must be old.
However, I don’t want to neglect the other stereotypes that are damaging to America as a whole. What am I referring to, you ask? Well I am referring to racist projections on television, written advertisements as well as internet advertisements. These advertisements are projected in such a negative way that we stereotype minority and non-minority groups. Stereotypes last generations, similar to if I said the Muslim heritage is all about promoting peace. I don’t know that to be fact I am just assuming by what I have seen in movies and on the news. I made a generalizations based on what was feed to me through the media. So next month when you see a hate crime committed we don’t want to look to the media for providing sensationalized information, false information about groups of people. Instead we give them awards for production and acting screen plays, and providing accurate news on the hour. Is that really what is has come to… a continued fallacy without any repercussions to the actually corporations at fault. We as the consumer pay the price, ironic isn’t it? I know what you’re thinking can we collectively blame it on the media? Can we fault the fortune 500 company without faulting ourselves? No. The American consumer can’t blame it all on the media. As a consumer we have to look at the bigger picture and strive to stop a cycle of ignorance. “Even after a person leaves a situation where they faced negative stereotypes, the effects of coping with that situation remain,” says Inzlicht. In order to change we have to remove and educate ourselves. Although, the blame can be place on both sides but, I think the corporation would possibly stand on the ethical egoism side of the street and I would be a tad bit more emotional. I would believe that regardless to decimal point that we were all constructed to do the right thing as a whole. I think the idea of a business equals money but, there are so many other factors that play into the bigger picture of morally being right and wrong. We can’t fight against abortion but, then not fight for the child dying in a third world country. We all must be accountable on some level for the choices and what we allow the media to broadcast into our lives.
In conclusion, as long as we, the consumer, accept what is happening to our world, children and social classes the media will continue to feed on us, like leeches. The media will continue to flood the airwaves with fallacies to promote the sale of its goods and debt engorged lifestyles. It’s essentially up to us as a consumer to demand that they choose the ethically correct way… the question is how.

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