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Meet the Parents

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‘Meet The Parents’ Reflections
Every relationship is based on the foundation of its underlying communication. Besides on a verbal level, the smallest of non-verbal cues, pauses, movements or gestures also determine the construction or destruction of a relationship between two or more people. In the film, Meet The Parents, interpersonal communication is one of the subtly placed themes that revolve around the story. Interpersonal communication can be defined as the reciprocal message processing, when two or more individuals mutually take account of and adjust to one another’s verbal or non-verbal behaviors. The relationship between Greg Focker and Jack Byrnes is one that develops at a gradual pace, though not necessarily always in a positive direction. Greg is anxious to seek Jack’s approval, while Jack, being the over-protective father that he is, puts up a dominating and slightly unwelcoming stature. This along with Pam’s family and friends treating Greg like an outsider makes him lose his self-confidence, become uncertain and awkward with his words and gestures, leading to various awkward conversations and events. Coincidentally, as a result Greg tries going out of his way to warm up to Pam’s loved ones, which just leads to further unfortunate and catastrophic happenings.
“It is known that people are able to interpret social cues rapidly, correctly, and often automatically, accessing in this way information related to “the internal states, social identities, and relationships of those who make up our social world” [28] , three social categories often used in social psychology and cognition.” (Daniel Gatica Perez) The communication between Jack and Greg throughout is mostly illustrated by Jack portraying himself as the alpha male and also a hidden communicator, rarely opening up to Greg but always trying to pry information Porecha 2 from him. Greg on…...

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