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Expanding your horizons? A guide to setting up business across the Middle East and
North Africa region


E x p a n d i n g y o u r h o r i z o n s ? A guide to setting up business across the Middle East and North Africa region

E x p a n d i n g y o u r h o r i z o n s ? A guide to setting up business across the Middle East and North Africa region




















Sultanate Of Oman




Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia








United Arab Emirates




E x p a n d i n g y o u r h o r i z o n s ? A guide to setting up business across the Middle East and North Africa region

The Middle East / North
Africa (“MENA”) region is one exemplified by inherent diversity. Such variation is widely demonstrated in the array of culture, language, geography and economics.
Stretching from Morocco to
Iran, each country has its own distinct makeup of natural resources and global outlook.
As an inevitable result, political and economic events of recent decades have affected the representative nations in dramatically different ways. Certain countries have enjoyed the benefits of significant natural resources
(e.g., substantial oil reserves) while others have undergone political changes that have seen their respective stocks rise and fall on the world stage.
These circumstances have been magnified by the global financial crisis. Most recently,
Dubai has gripped headlines with doubts over its liquidity.
And this diversity has further evidenced itself in the respective approaches to foreign investment, regulation and taxation. Many countries remain less restrictive with respect to foreign…...

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...Parent & Community Professor: Ann Zucker July 2, 2012 Empowering Olivia As an educational professional, one the most important parts of my job is to appreciate all of the different stages that toddlers go through as they are developing (Gonzalez-Mena, 2009). In this paper, I will introduce you to Olivia, a toddler who is on a constant quest for independence, as well as explain how, as an educator, I can facilitate the empowerment that Olivia desires. I will also describe six key points illustrating my understanding of the importance of validating Olivia’s desire to gain power and control, as well as find a community resource for parents with toddlers like Olivia. Creating a developing appropriate environment is essential to helping empower Olivia. It should be designed to allow her the freedom to explore and try different things. One of the key areas of concern in developing an appropriate environment is safety; at this stage toddlers touch, explores, and use their bodies to learn about the world; therefore; a developmentally appropriate environment should be designed to allow them to climb, push, poke, prod, and perform a variety of other independent movements (Gonzalez-Mena, 2009). Toddlers are developing a sense of themselves as separate from their parents. They tend to insist on doing things for themselves. As an educator, I can help Olivia become independent by allowing and encouraging her to take responsibility for herself......

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