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Merging Benefits at Huge Computer Company

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The Case: Merging Benefits at Huge Computer Company
Two major high-tech companies, Huge Co. (HC and Computer Co. (CC), have recently merged to form Huge Computer Company (HCC) and are now starting to combine the operations of both. A key issue of the integration has been how to treat the benefit and retirement plans from the two-companies—in particular, how to blend the plans for the software engineers, who are key to the continued success of the new company. Read the following case and write an executive summary of your key findings for the partner of the Human Resources Consulting firm.
Executive Summary:
The Merging of Success
Huge Computer Company is a result from a merger of Huge Company and Computer Company. Both well-renowned companies that specialize in the latest computer software and hardware. The merge is believed to be in the best interest of each company and will create an even more successful organization.
The Mission: Combining business models and benefit plans
Both companies have unique strengths to create an even more successful organization. Huge Computer Company combines older employees that have years of computer expertise and knowledge as well as younger employees that with a new outlook and edge when it comes to skillset.
Background of Huge Company and Computer Company
Huge Company has been in business for 20 years and has 22,000 employees worldwide. Many of the employees have grown with the company and have been accustomed to a formal corporate culture. Their current benefit plan focuses on health benefits, retirement, and 401k. No surveys have been done to assess employee satisfaction.
Computer Company is a newer company comprised of primarily younger workers. The corporate culture has been recognized for its casual and flexible atmosphere. The employees have a high satisfaction of the business model and culture. The current benefit…...

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