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Mgt 434 Management Law

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MGT 434 Week One
The Legal environment of employment
This week you will begin the exploration of the legal environment in which the employment relationship functions. This exploration will include a look at how our federal system of government works relative to the passage of statutes, and how federal and state jurisdictions relate to one another, thereby determining which statutory system applies to which circumstances. Additionally, the relationship of statutes, regulations, and court case law will be analyzed to understand the manner in which they work together to define our laws. There will also be a review of the regulatory and civil litigation processes to ascertain how an employment grievance, such as discrimination, is handled within our legal system.
Week in Relation to the Course
Employment laws are promulgated by legislative and regulatory action and court rulings with the intent to provide equitable workplace opportunities for employees, as well as a productive, safe and healthy work environment. This course covers the laws that are in place in our society that attempt to accomplish this purpose, and the implications of these laws for both employers and employees. Obviously, for laws or regulations to accomplish this objective, they must be enforceable. While this is elementary, and generally understood by members of our society, the manner of enforcement is not as readily understood. And, the manner in which the laws and regulations are created, and by whom, is often misunderstood, as well. Therefore, as the course covers the pertinent employment laws and regulations, it is essential to understand the manner in which they are created and enforced. Knowledge of the law is only partly beneficial without the attendant ability to utilize it effectively.
This week's materials are focused on providing an understanding of the source of our…...

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D. D. Bennett-Alexander and L. P. Hartman 
McGraw-Hill, 2007 
Boston, MA...

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