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Michael Jackson

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Michael Jackson


Michael Joe Jackson was born in Gary Indiana on August 29, 1958. He was number seven out of nine children. Him and four of his brothers started a singing group. The group name was The Jackson 5.

The Jackson 5 won many talent shows. Michael was the youngest and the lead singer of the group. In 1969 Barry Gordy discovered them and singed them to Motown records. They released number one songs like “ABC”, “I’ll be There”, and “The Love You Save”. Motown records told everybody that Michael was nine when he really was eleven to make him seem cuter.

Michael Jackson was thirteen when he stared his solo career. In 1982 his album “Thriller” was the best selling album of all times. He came out with “Bad” in 1987 and “Dangerous” in 1991. He became famous all over the world. He wore one sparkle glove and created a dance called “The Moonwalk”.

In 1978 Michael played in a movie with Diana Ross called “The Wiz”. In the movie he was a scarecrow. He sang “Ease on Down the Road”. While working on the movie he met Quincy Jones. They created the album “Off the Wall”.

Michael’s hair caught on fire when he was filming a Pepsi commercial. He had to have surgery. One year later he wrote “We are the World” with Lionel Richie. The song had a lot of celebrity singers on it. They wrote it to raise money for the poor in Africa.

Michael was married twice. First he married Lisa Marie Presley. She is Elvis Presley’s daughter. They got divorced. Then he married Debbie Rowe. They had two children, Michael Joseph Jackson and Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson. He had another son named Prince Michael Jackson II.

Michael won the Grammy Legend award and the Grammy Lifetime Achievement award. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice. He got many awards during his lifetime. This made him the most awarded artist in music.


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