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Republic of the Philippines
Northwest Samar State University
Calbayog City

Submitted by: Roselle S. Mahinay (BSCS 2 student)

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Mr. Jessy Ebit (English instructor)

I Went, I Saw, I Conquered
Hi!!! I’m Roselle Sagadal Mahinay, 19 years of age, born on february08, 1995 in Brgy. Peña Tinambacan District III, Calbayog City. I am the 6th daughter among seven children of Mr. Zosimo Caspe Mahinay and Mrs. Felipa Dabalos Sagadal-Mahinay.


My father is a fisherman and my mother is a fulltime house wife. I have five sisters and one brother; four of my sisters are already married and had their own family. So only the three of us my sister, brother and I are still staying of our parent.


My early memories from childhood are somewhat vague, for the first year of my life, I mostly spent the day either crying or sleeping, as babies do. A year later I began walking or what I remember taking a couple of step and stumbling awkwardly onto the floor. I also began to utter my first spoken words. In year 2000 at the age of five, I was enrolled at a local kindergarten where I would learn children’s songs or play all the morning and spend my afternoon watching the Disney channel at home. I studied up to grade level at the same school. I was a happy kid that time. At the age of twelve I was through with junior high school. A couple of weeks earlier I’d been accepted to enroll at San Joaquin National High School. My first day of school was mix up emotion, a nervous and excitement; Nervous because of new environment and new different faces, and excitement because I can meet new friends and acquaintance. Few months of staying in that is school was a big change to me, from elementary girl to high school teens. Even if I lost my weight because of the long adjustment and lot of school works, I can say…...

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