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* Group : 6 * Students : Hoang Ngoc Anh Nguyen Hoang Hai Nam Ngo Tien Dung Phung Quang Minh * Instructor : Mrs. Luu Thi Ngoc Tu

Ha Noi, March 2016

Nowadays, the absence of students is becoming more and more popular in the university. Therefore, we have decided to do this research to investigate the impact of class absenteeism on the students’ performance in the IBD- National Economic University. Furthermore, the finding of this study can also serve as evidence so that lecturers, teachers can take initiative to force or warn the students to come to class more frequently in order to improve their academic performance. Moreover, the study focuses on all the factors including inside school and outside the school environment. Additionally, this study shows that there are various social and psychological problems/causes of absenteeism Lastly, the output of this study is expected to serve as an input of education policy of the country in general, and improvements of education in the university in particular and contribute to the research in education.

1. The importance of studying at class 7
Chart 1: Attitude towards the importance of attendance at class 7
Chart 2: Students' thoughts about the necessary of attendance at school 8
2. The reality of absence from class 9
Chart 3 The percentage of students absent from class 9
Chart 4: The percentage of lessons that students were absent 10
Chart 5: The feeling of students when they absent from class 11
3. The reasons why students are absent from class 12
Chart 6: The reasons why make student absent from class 12
4. The consequences that students have to face with 13
Chart 7: The proportion of students though that absence can affect for themselves 13
Chart 8: Different reviews about the effect of absence 13
Chart 9: Students' point in final test level 2 14
Chart 10: Different reviews about the influence of absence 15
5. The solutions that reduce the negative effect and promote the attitude of IBD’s students 16
Chart 11: Solutions 16


First of all, we would like to thank to anyone who have participated in this project, we could not finish our project without your help.

Secondly, our group project wants to thank to all the teachers of IBD – NEU for giving us a chance to study such a great subject which we found really helpful for us. This subject not only gave us a lot of useful information but also taught us how to be a great team as well as understand each other. Thirdly, we would also like to thank to our project teacher Mrs. Tu. We just want to say how grateful we are that you were our teacher, your guidance and support has been amazing! We really appreciate all the hard work that you’ve done for us. We had so much fun learning with you. Your lessons were very insightful and interactive. Again, thank you for being patient and helping us a lot.

Lastly, our group also wants to thank to all IBD students intake 11 for taking the time to answer our questionnaires. Thanks for spending your time doing those questions so that our group could manage to complete all the figures correctly and also found out some main causes of the absenteeism of IBD students intake 11.

Because this is our first research so we could not avoid having some mistakes as well as some confusion. Therefore, we all hope to receive as much recommendation as possible from our teachers and from all the students as well so that we can have the ability to improve our next research.

I. INTRODUCTION 1. Proposed research topic: The real situation of absenteeism from class of IBD students’ intake 11
This research is aimed to show the reality of absence affected on studying as well as IBD students intake 11 attitude towards this issue.
2. Background Absenteeism is the term generally used to refer to unannounced students absence from the school and the meaning of it can be defined as habitual and unexplained absence from school (Brooks, 1997). It is true that the attendance in class is very important for each student because it is directly tied to students’ learning so absence from class will have serious impact on many fields (“Absence excuses in Freshman college classes and solutions,” 2013). According to School attendance and absence( 2014), they show that going to school regularly is very important because students can do better in their exam or provide the necessary documentations for their subject. However, young people nowadays may have many various point of view about this matter; almost students currently consider that absence from class was so normal and not to worry about. Perhaps that most of them thought that studying at university was more comfortable than studying at high school, so they might believe that attending at class was not important than previous.
Besides, students do not pay attention to the severity of the dropout that leads to their loss of a great deal of important understanding for their academic discipline. If the situation keeps longer, it will affect badly for not only students but also the quality of lessons in class.
As a results, this research “The real situation of absenteeism from class of IBD students intake 11“is aimed to give people a general view about this phenomenon and also IBD students’ attitude towards this issue.
3. Rationale
Our research is finding out the absence from class of students, our group believe that it is the popular problem of every school especially university, Robert ( 2012) pointed in his report” The important of being school” that attending is also affected strongly to test scores and graduate. It is clearly seen that it is a bad behavior that should be limited; and students still have not understood the impact of absence for themselves. Therefore, we choose the topic to show people the IBD students’ point of views on the current situation about absenteeism, the effect of absence from class on their studying. After that, some solutions and recommendations shall be discussed. Our group hopes that we can show people the vision clearly and objectively about this phenomenon through this research.
4. Purpose After deciding on this topic, our group set three clear aims. First of all, we want to find out the objective and subjective reasons why students are frequently absent from class. Moreover, we also want to discover what consequences they are facing. Finally, our purpose is to fix all the problems and to suggest some solutions that can improve the situation. We hope that each student can equip themselves with the necessary knowledge about the aspect to make good decisions about the issue.
5. Research questions The research aims to answer the following questions: * What is the reality of absence? * Why did IBD students always absent from class? * What are some solutions for this problem?

6. Research methodology To do the research, we have chosen some different ways. First of all, we try to find the information related to our research as much as possible such as: theories, newspaper, books, another research… Furthermore, to find out more information, we decide to choose the quantitative method. * Questionnaire: Printed questionnaires are used to ask for people thoughts. We tend to give out 70 printed questionnaires, and come to each class and give the questionnaires during break time (approximately 15 minutes) and retrieve those documents. After that, our group will collect and categorize the data from the questionnaires and build a framework about this problem. * Participants: We try to carry out collecting data by sending questionnaires to IBD’s students’ intake 11 (from A1 to A7).

1. The importance of studying at class

Chart [ 1 ]: Attitude towards the importance of attendance at class

It’s clear from the chart that the percentage of students think going to school is essential are much higher than those who do not think so. The gap between these 2 types is approximately 44%.

Chart 2: Students' thoughts about the necessary of attendance at school
As mentioned previously, most of the students understand the importance of studying in university. The main reason that makes students think it is essential to study in university is to get necessary documentations. About 30% students have in mind that studying in university can give them a lot of necessary documentations which they find very useful for them and their exams.
Around 27% students prefer studying at school to studying at home because they think that study at school will gain their more knowledge which they will hardly find when studying at home
It is obvious that attendance has a significant effect on students’ final grades. Grades are another reason that make student think it’s necessary to study in university. 25% students realize that the more lessons they attend, the higher grade they get. Moreover, attending classes regularly will help students to learn better and able to have better results or grades during the exam ( Moore, 2003)
Furthermore, about 16% students think that they will achieve more successes than the students who don’t go to school routinely. By attending classes regularly, students will gain more knowledge through direct contact with lectures, reviews of notes, discussions, illustration and demonstration. In addition, students that attend classes often are more likely to remember well the information and apply the knowledge effectively throughout their life ( Crede, Roch & Kieszczynka, 2010 ). On the other hand, students who miss their classes will not have the opportunity to foster their learning and often compensated with poor grades.

2. The reality of absence from class

Chart 3 The percentage of students absent from class

The pie chart compares the proportion of students who have been absent from school and students who have not. It is obvious that there were around five times more students not attending at class; with 83% and it leads that the number of student has been absent are very popular. Obviously, this is a serious problem appears in IBD at present and it still continues. Only 17% people who always attend at class. It shows us that this percent is quite small. Furthermore, they are a little number of student have will not to go to class. As a result, we have seen the real situation of IBD’s student behavior. Almost students, for some reasons they did not come to the class.

Chart 4: The percentage of lessons that students were absent
The bar chart compares the percentages of lessons which students have missed. As we can see from the chart, the percentage of absent classes (from 11-24 lessons) is roughly 73%. This takes the highest rate of the chart. As a result, we can come to conclusion that most of student in IBD are usually absent from class because of many reasons: sick, accident, relax, traffic jam….This is really a bad reality in IBD at the moment and it faces the truth of student’s behavior. But despite of the fact that they have many reasons for absent, students still be absent under the permission.
Next, we have 18% student have missed less than 10 lessons. The number of those students is quite low. Obviously, not many student have a habit to attend in class regularly and only be absent when necessary. The good students who always try to study hard, attend usually are very few.
Finally, the figures of students who have been absent more than 24 lessons are about 9%. It is clear that the number of people who did not come to class more than 24 lessons is very small and very rare people such like that .We can predict that those kind of people are very lazy, bad at studying,… or did not go to school anymore.

Chart 5: The feeling of students when they absent from class
According to the chart below, our group can clearly see that 43% students chose they feel normal after absent, just 11% students realize that they absolutely feel bad and very bad when not attending at class. Almost students thought they sense good and extremely good, with 17% and 30% respectively. Therefore, our group can see clearly that almost students considered that absence from class was so normal and not to worry about. Perhaps that most of them thought that studying at university was more comfortable than studying at high school, so they might believe that attending at class was not important than previous.
If the situation keeps longer, it will affect badly for not only students but also the quality of lessons in class.
We might see different views of IBD’s students when they absent from class. Therefore, it can be noticed some reasons that made students absent so much, which is discussed below.

3. The reasons why students are absent from class

Chart 6: The reasons why make student absent from class

It is clearly seen from the chart above that there was the same amount of percentage in Sickness and Weather with 27% which was chosen by students. Besides, 17% students thought that Accident was the core reason why made them absent from class. On the other hand, some students remarked that they had disagreements or uncomfortable with their teacher that led them not to attend at class, which is 13%. About 14% of the participants was absent because they want to relax. As we know, all of the students are teenager so they prefer playing or hanging out more than studying.
Moreover, the only 2% had different reasons making students absent from class such as: lateness, not interested in lessons
Due to the data source, our group can see clearly that almost the subjective reasons are the core matters that made students absent from class such as: sickness or relaxing. Therefore, if they want to overcome all problems, it will depend on the effort of them; and actually that it cannot be denied that they should apply some solutions for their own to minimize the problem of absence.
4. The consequences that students have to face with

Chart 7: The proportion of students though that absence can affect for themselves

More than 60% students believe that absent can be affected their studying results, whereas 35% students thought it is not important so much. Almost IBD’s students realized the importance of attending at class, however, because of some reasons they had absent from class.

Chart 8: Different reviews about the effect of absence Most of IBD students think that they got the normal feeling towards the situation that the absenteeism has impacted on their study result. Besides, 15 percent of students got the opinion that the absenteeism has mostly effected on their study. On the other hand, another 15 percent of students shared their point of view that the absenteeism nearly not had any bad effect on their schooling.
The figures show that 21 percent of IBD students intake 11 express that schooling is really essential so that the absenteeism will become a really bad effect on them.

Chart 9: Students' point in final test level 2

The chart describe that there is the large amount of students who got the average score from 50 to 60 points. Besides, 26% of IBD students’ intake 11 reached the high result from 60 to 80 points. Moreover, what a pound consequences that there is 12% of students who was a proficient person got the score more than 80 points. Unfortunately, there is about 5% of undergraduates just had the score under than 50 points.
Due to the chart below, our group also realized that the absenteeism has had the huge impaction on students’ exam result. Therefore, we could suggest that if the students want to achieve the higher exam score, they not only have to attend school completely but also focus on their single class especially giving their fully respect for the teachers and their classmate as well.
From the chart below, our group can easily see that the absenteeism not only has strongly impacted on the student’s study result but also be a serious problem with their score. Basing on the result of the final test in level 2 of IBD’s students, our group noticed that almost students absent from class from 11-24 lessons who had the average point from 50-60. Meanwhile, approximately students who were going to school more frequently or less absent (from 0-10 lessons) got higher point in their exam more than students over-absent(24 lessons). Those nearly got the lower point or also less than 50. On the other hand, students who were not attended at class too much still get higher point.

Chart 10: Different reviews about the influence of absence

After giving them our questionnaires and consult their point of view, most of the students felt that they will miss lots of knowledge and the clear number is more than 44% of students – the highest percentage. On the other hand, there is about 27% of students got the opinion that this case will cost a lot of money because when they unfortunately got the bad mark for final exam and they could not pass the level so they have to retake the level which is really expensive. Besides, the amount of students who gave their personal thinking that the absenteeism can directly affect on their achievement and their score as well counted for really close figures. l
By all the figures above, we can clearly find that the lack of knowledge and the effect on their exam result are the most consideration of IBD students’ intake 11. Unfortunately, the absenteeism was one of the most serious causes of those situations.
Due to our group 6 subjective opinion, students should go to school gradually and also have the fully class attendance in order to have strongly knowledge as well as the inspiration for their current study and their future career.
5. The solutions that reduce the negative effect and promote the attitude of IBD’s students

Chart 11: Solutions

Our research had dissecting all the opinions of students about some solutions that can be helped them to improve the attendance at class.
It is clearly seen from the chart above that the highest percentage was in making students feel more welcome at school (23%). Besides, Reward and recognize individuals and classes for improving attendance and Changing the teaching method have almost the same percentage (approximately 22%). The methods might comprise an important part for ameliorating this problem.
19% of providing counseling services that were chosen made students feel necessary and need to apply. Moreover, there were 13% for targeting a list of low-attending students that used to make people think that it is also a good solution for this issue.
And 3% students for others opinions such as: each lesson should have more break time, apply some strict punishment… After the survey, group 6 can see all the views of students about this matter. It is clearly seen that the situation of absence from class is very popular. Therefore, our group can ask permission to give you some solutions such as: * Some measures for teachers and school to improve the situation: * Teachers should change the several types of teaching ways that make students feel more excited when coming to class. Because all knowledge from books are quite boring so that a large number of students can sense a little of dullness. Therefore, the changes in the way teaching and learning are also really important. For example, each of lessons should be applied some games, some videos to help the lessons to be more fun… * Teachers should change the method of calling the roll more closely. For example, students must sign in the log book if they attend at class. Because in one class at IBD, the number of students do not huge than others class in NEU, each class have approximately from 19 to 22 students (just limit in IBD students are studying in first year). Therefore, it can be an effective method for teachers in order to minimize the problem of absenteeism.

* School should apply some new measures instead of strict punishment due to minimize the problem of absence. For example, school might reward gifts or money for class that would not have a large number of students absent from class at the end of level.

* Furthermore, students need to carry out some measures for themselves: * If a student does not attend at class without permission, he/she will be punished by giving money for the class’s cadres. * Students should have understood clearly the effects of absence which lead to many negative things for themselves such as: waste education resources, get lower point in their exam… * Students should give some opinions for teachers about changing the method of teaching to make lessons more exciting. Therefore, they will not feel bored or tired when studying at class. * Friends should help and encourage each other’s. For example, when their friend absent so much, they need to warn their friends timely.

* Finally, it is necessary for giving some measures for student’s family. Parents might apply some measures to deal with the situation of absence of theirs children. For example, if they know their children were absent from class, they might decrease the amount of money that they gave them each month, or if their children attend on the full class and have a good results at exam, parents might give them more money.


According to our research, we find out the real situation of absenteeism in IBD’s students intake 11. Besides, we also found the source and gave students some solutions which might not the perfect ideas but it maybe can improve the situation.
Firstly, our research shows the reality of absence such as how many lessons students absent from class, or the attitude of them about the importance of attendance at class
Secondly, we can see all the subjective and objective reasons why made students absent from class. Moreover, it is clearly that almost students aware of the consequences of absence.
Thirdly, prior literatures have shown a significant difference in performance( e.g Ewert, 2010: Dindayl, 2008; Vale&Leder,2004; Subramaniam, 2003; and Felder et al.,, 1995). According to the research, students are equally contribute to the absenteeism issues. In order to solve this problem, we suggested the teacher/principal in the IBD-NEU to adjust the class timing as a way to reduce and overcome absenteeism. Prior literatures have shown a significant difference in performance of students( e.g Ewert, 2010: Dindayl,2008; Vale & Leder, 2004; Subbramaniam,2003; and Felder et al.,, 1995).
Finally, we also give students some recommendations to fix the problem. As a whole, it can be concluded that absenteeism is a problem or issue than can be solve easily if students, teachers, IBD management worl together to overcome the absenteeism issue in the near future. Perhaps it seems normal and theoretic but we hope that it can be given students some profits.

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Hello everyone, we are group 6 from IBD (International Bachelor Degree) @ NEU (National Economics University). Our research wants to find out the real situation of absenteeism from class of IBD’s students intake 11; therefore, please give few minutes to do this questionnaires. Thank you!

1. Have you ever been absent from class? * Yes (move to question 2) * No (if the answer is no, please move to question 6)
2. How many lessons did you absent from level 2? * 0-10 lessons * 11-20 lessons * 21-28 lessons * More than 28 lessons
3. Why are you absent from class?( you can choose more than one) * Sickness * Weather (too hot, too cold,…) * Accident * Problems with your teacher * You want to relax (play games, shopping…) * Other:…………………………………..
4. Do you think that absence can affected worse for yourself? * Yes * No
5. How did you feel after being absent ? * Very good * Good * Normal * Bad * Very bad
6. How many score did you get in your final test in level 2? * Less than 50 * 50-60 * 60-80 * More than 80
7. How is the absence from class impact your studying or your results? * Very much * Much * Normal * Little * Very little
8. Do you think that the attendance at school is important? * Yes * No
9. Why do you think that the attendance is important? ( you can choose more than one) * Give you better knowledge * Provide necessary documentations for your subject * Get higher score in your exam * Achieve more success than lazy students (such as success in life, get a good job…) * Other…………………………………
10. What are the consequences that they may face with?( you can choose more than one) * Wasted education resources * Wasted money to retake the course ( when you fail the final exam) * Lack of knowledge * Lower achievement * Effect on their score in test * Other:……………………………………..
11. What solutions will be improved school attendance?(you can choose more than one) * Change the teaching method * Make students feel welcome at the school * Reward and recognize individuals and classes for improved attendance * Provide counseling services * Target a list of low- attending students * Other:……………………………………………...

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Consumer's Preferences of Milktea in Davao City

...CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION Background of the study Davao has never been left behind in the latest bubble craze,thirst quencher, stress reliever, tea forever. Tea addiction that’s what some people called it, finally it’s here and its now viral all over Metro Davao. If you haven’t tried dringking milk tea, you better try drinking it, its worthy to spend a little penny for it. Milk tea it’s not just a simple tea. It’s a gift to us people during our bad days or the not-so-bad-days (stressful days). The “ancestor” of bubble tea originated in the early 80’s from a tea shop called Chun Shui Tang (春水堂) in Taichung, Taiwan. Unlike the fully loaded pearl milk tea, the oldest form of bubble tea was made by mixing cold black tea with fructose syrup using a shaker. According to Liu Han-Chieh (劉漢介), the founder of the tea shop, his wife named it bubble tea after seeing the layer of foam that ended up on top of the tea. After successfully marking a turning point for Taiwanese tea culture, Liu introduced the pearl milk tea in 1987. In the beginning, other ingredients were added to the milk tea such as fruits and sugar coated yam. ( Milk tea is a very sweet tea that is often used in boba. Milk tea/ Boba is a drink consisting of tea and balls of tapioca/pearl and honey. Milk tea is really good for the health because of its natural vitamins that we can get by drinking it, that is because of the added ingredients,......

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Milk Tea

... Each person has an equal chance of being a respondent in the survey from simple random sampling. This study will be using qualitative and quantitative order to know the reasons of the Tarlaquenos how will they judge a good milktea, the qualitative approach will be utilize. This will be used to identify and explain why other people will choose milktea shops rather than a fast food dinning. On the other hand, the quantitative methods allow us to learn about how often Tarlaquenos purchase milktea products. II. Research Instrument Gathering of data is very important in making a research. Researchers will analyze the information and relate hypothesis to come up with a conclusion through these data. You can get data through primary and secondary sources. From the first part, researchers will collect data through secondary sources like magazines, journals; blogs etc. researchers will conduct interviews and surveys in the research methodology. To get quantitative and qualitative data, data shall be gathered through the use of a survey questionaire. This shall be validated through a conduct of pre-testing to students which shall not form part of the identified respondents. The survey will include questions like “why and how milktea shops get to consumers mind, what are they looking for in a particular beverage?” Instructions will be indicate by researchers in the survey to prevent confusion of the respondents. By this, researchers will be able to help some......

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