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Mirror Image Rule

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In the case of 2003 Minn. App. LEXIS 933, the Mirror Image Rule is when “a valid acceptance, which gives rise to a binding contract, must be made in unequivocal and positive terms which comply exactly with the requirements of the offer.” In layman’s terms: the acceptance must match or repeat the offer. The acceptance must be verbally, in writing or by a particular action if stated in the offer.

In this case there was no acceptance from the tenant regarding repayment. There were a “series of documents” exchanged by the landlord and tenant, but not “fully executed”. Therefore no contract was created.

On May 28, 2006, I, Dana Edwards offer to sell my 1998 Black Explorer Sport (vehicle) for the amount of $1,500.00 US dollars to Samuel Jones. Payment for vehicle will be in either cash, cashier’s check or money order no later than June 4, 2006. Once payment is received, the vehicle and title will be released to Samuel Jones with a receipt from myself, Dana Edwards. No other payment than stated above will be accepted and no agent for Samuel Jones will be accepted. If payment from Samuel Jones is not received by June 4, 2006 this offer will be null and void.

On May 28, 2006, I, Samuel Jones accept the offer from Dana Edwards for her 1998 Black Explorer Sport (vehicle) for the amount of $1,500 US dollars. I will be paying for the vehicle in cash on June 1, 2006. I understand that once my payment is received I will receive the vehicle, title, and receipt of this transaction.

This is an example of a mirror image rule, because the acceptance ‘matches’ the offer. It repeats the terms stated in the…...

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