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Case study no.1


* There are many functions that can be performed using mobile handheld devices. * New software applications for social networking and sales for management * The Blackberry has been the favored mobile handheld device for business. * In Doylestown Hospital, the physicians use iPhone 3G to stay connected around the clock to the hospital staff, and patient’s information. * The Doylestown’s information systems department was able to establish the same high of security for authenticating users of the system and tracking user activity as it maintain with all the hospital’s own server computer. * Owner Timothy Childs developed an iPhone app that enables him to remotely log into each chocolate- making machine, control time and temperature, turn on and off, and receive alerts about when to make temperature changes. * The Apple iPad is also emerging as a business tool.

CASE ANALYSIS 1. What kind of application is described here?

* The kind of application describe here is a software application which was in a mobile digital devices. Application software is a program or group of programs designed for end users. These programs are divided into two classes: system software and application software. While system software consists of low-level programs that interact with computers at a basic level, application software resides above system software and includes database programs, word processors, spreadsheets, etc. Application software may be grouped along with system software or published alone. Application software may simply be referred to as an application.
What business functions do they support? -It support social networking, communication via messaging and e-mail and most importantly it can access the internal corporate system of their business. Internal Systems…...

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