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1. | Operational-level systems are information systems that support the: a. long-range planning activities of senior management. b. decision-making and administrative activities of middle managers. c. day-to-day processes of production and shipping only. d. elementary activities and transactions of the organization. Answer: d Difficulty: Easy Reference: p. 40 | 2. | The principal purpose of __________________ is to answer routine questions and to track the flow of transactions through the organization. a. strategic-level systems. b. operational-level systems. c. management-level systems. d. knowledge management systems. Answer: b Difficulty: Easy Reference: p. 40 | 3. | Management-level systems are information systems that support the: a. long-range planning activities of senior management. b. knowledge and data workers in an organization. c. decision-making and administrative activities of middle managers. d. day-to-day processes of production. Answer: c Difficulty: Easy Reference: p. 40 | 4. | A relocation control system that reports on the total moving, house-hunting, and home financing costs for employees in all company divisions is an example of a(n): a. knowledge management system. b. operational-level systems. c. strategic-level system. d. management-level system. Answer: d Difficulty: Easy Reference: p. 40 | 5. | ______________systems often answer “what-if” questions. a. Strategic-level b. Management-level c. Operational-level d. Knowledge management Answer: b Difficulty: Easy Reference: p. 40 | 6. | Strategic-level systems…...

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...could have an impact on THE CONSORTIUM’s achievement record and the amount of funding received for work completed, which in turn will affect cash flow. Historic data on contract performance for the last five to seven years is retained and is vital to the success of future funding applications as it demonstrates THE CONSORTIUM’s ability to deliver against contractual obligations. Competitors of THE CONSORTIUM do have more sophisticated MIS as they are mainly larger private sector organisations with more resources to invest, both financially and personnel. They use integrated systems to record, analyse and submit data both internally and externally. This has a time saving element to the processing of data and the production of information. An advantage for the competitors is that the information is available more quickly. However, this does not necessarily give them a competitive edge in the final submission of reports to external customers. Often the tender process requires the submission of data through specific templates / questions. Whilst the accuracy of the data submitted is relevant, how the information is written and reported is more important in demonstrating a business case to offer a contract to the organisation. It is imperative that our senior management team are able to write effective tender submissions using the data available. This coupled with knowledge transfer of Government policies and sector market place data, from tacit to explicit knowledge......

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...Unit 1 – Understanding MIS Theodora Wilson American InterContinental University   Abstract Information systems are used globally with efficient effective ways starting with management as they utilize the four competitive strategies to compete in businesses. The organizations and their use of technology to collaborate and succeed in the market all depends on how their information systems are set up.   Introduction Understanding Information systems in the world of businesses assists in creating success for the stock holders, stake holders, and the consumer. This paper will answer questions based on four case studies. The case studies presented are based on smart grids, collaboration and innovation, how much a company knows about you, and the consequences of texting. Case Study I – Smart Grids Smart grids were developed as the twenty-first century automated form of electrical output to consumers. Smart Grids are used to deliver electricity from the supplier to the consumer using digital technology. This means using an automated system through a computer generated information network from power plants and wind farms to the customer in their homes and businesses. Utilizing smart grids in this fashion is different from the current electricity infrastructure as far as not using transmission lines to telephone poles to meters. (Kenneth c. Laudon, 2012) Developing a smart grid requires management of information. Technology is needed to operate the......

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