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UPS Case Homework Questions

1. What is their business and why is package tracking important to UPS’s customers?
1). Founded in 1907, UPS was a messenger company
2). Focusing on the goal of enabling commerce now
3). world’s largest package delivery company and a leading global provider of specialized transportation and logistics services.
Why package tracking important:
1). To reduce the shipping time
2). To increase the accuracy of the arrivals
3). Customers could be able to check the status of their individual shipments
4). Perfect service could increase consumer’s satisfaction

2. What and where does information need to be collected and where does it go as part of the process to support the tracking of UPS shipments? What type of data | Where and how is data collected | Where does it go | 1. Recipient’s name, address, phone number(private information) 2. What method of the shipment( regular or fast) 3. What type of shipment ( food, clothes, mail…) | First step: shippers fill in blanks in local center or on the website.Second step: A cordless optical scanner captures all the data. Bluetooth is used for this finger-to-hip communicationThird step: Emerald terminal retransmits the data via WiFiFinal step: the access point transmits the data across an Ethernet LAN in the distribution center | First: local shipping/service centerSecond: package-tracking system carried on the hip of the package sorterThird: wireless access point Fourth: server-based applicationFinal: UPS’ centralized package-tracking application running on servers in New Jersey |

3. Draw a detailed diagram of the various networks that are linked together by UPS to solve this problem. In each instance, identify the type of network option chosen and its key IT components. Your drawing should embrace the entire process from package pick-up at the…...

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