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Case studies Summary/Application Briefing Sheet

Case Reference Citation [APA, 6th Edition]: Gerson, R.F, (2006). The Missing Link in HPT. International Society for Performance Improvement, 10-17, Retrieved from

Summary Richard F, Gerson, CPT, PhD, understood the various theoretical models to help us understand how things worked. He described the HPT model as an ‘elegant in its simplistic and comprehensive in it application” [10]. After conducting research with professionals that had experience in and out of the field he determined that there may be gaps that were identifiable. He describes the seven step process for performance improvement; however, he more importantly recognized that there was a missing piece in the entire process that would play a significant role in the overall improvement process. Gerson recognized that the people who play integral roles in this process were the missing link in the overall process. “The people side of HPT and performance improvement...focused on what a performer brings to the performance situation, his or her motivational levels, and how emotions affect the performance. [11] There are various analysis that help determine how an organization and process is working in the current environmental conditions, but it is the performance of individuals that determines if the deficits can be met and goals be reached.
A performer analysis will determine the motivation, attributions, self-confidence, thought, expectations, readiness, and yes of the individual performers. The motivational triad: ‘achievement, affiliations, and power” [13] determines if there is an internal desire to achieve more. “Attributions are the reason people give for the outcomes of their performances” [13]. Internal factors describing the person’s ability is and external attribute such as…...

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