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Mj in the 1980s

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Michael Jackson 1. Were the 1980s an important decade for your career? a. Yes, in the 80s is when I got my major breakthrough as a solo artist 2. What caused your breakthrough? b. I released the album Off The Wall in 1979, co-produced by Quincy Jones. 3. Why was this album so popular? c. It proved to people that I could make great music without my fellow Jackson family members. I won three Billboard Music Awards 4. How did the album do commercially? d. Yes, it did great. I had four US top hits, which was the first for any US album. I secured a 37% royalty so I received a lot of the album profits. 5. What was next for your career? e. In 1982 I released Thriller, the album that made me a worldwide household name. It also had seven Billboard Top 10 hits 6. What effect on music and pop culture did Thriller have? f. It made music videos more about the art of the video than just a promotional stunt and changed what people thought an album should be. The album also helped bring MTV to the forefront. 7. When did you first do the moonwalk? g. In 1983 on a TV special called Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever. The iconic dance solidified me as a pop culture legend. 8. What did you do with all the profits from your sales and shows? h. I donated a lot of it to charity. $1.5 million to a hospital, and after the Victory Tour in 1984, I donated $5 million to various charities. 9. What controversy were you involved in during the 80s? i. The media began to create a big story out of my changing skin color, due to the pigment disease Vitiligo. 10. What happened in your career at the end of the 80s? j. Despite the scandals I released Bad in 1987, which sold 500,000 copies in its first five days. This only added to the enormous fame and wealth I…...

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