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Mkt/421 Week 4 Individual Assignment

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Using Perceptual Maps in Marketing Simulation Marketing /421

As a marketing manager for Cruiser Thorr who sells high end motorcycles. This organization is growing at a rapid pace. Indeed there is more structure needed to the marketing piece to sustain a successful business. Being that the industry of motorcycles is increasing annually. This organization must also work to satisfy the needs of their target customers. The organization must also work to differentiate themselves from other similar organizations as well. Key components in my opinion are the product uniqueness, safety, quality engineering and price.
Current situation is the fact that there needs to be an significant market plan put in place to help increase sales and meet the needs of young and older customers. There are fundamental assets that focus on 35-50 year olds. As well as 21-35 year olds who are buying motorcycles. The older clientele seem to be not interested in the current lifestyles that Cruiser Thorr symbolizes. However the younger customers do not have the disposable funds to buy the motorcycles. They prefer a lower cost that fits into their budget. Other concerns are factors related to their competitors. The worst part is that the competitors are eating into their market share. In which they are consuming the majority of the business.
You’re recommended solutions, including why
My recommended solution first would work towards the organizations product uniqueness. This would evaluate ways to increase customers’ needs and sales. As well as set apart the style of Cruiser Thorr image from other organizations. With working to change the motorcycle design overall. The idea would be to add features that include useful needs to the current…...

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