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Mkt Business Reasearch

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As at 31st December, 2014||||||||
||(Amount in Taka)||||||
Non-Current Assets: ||||||||
Property, Plant and Equipment | 515,907,382| 383,646,483| 372,063,184| 329,163,404| 330,214,386|||
Investment in Marketable Securities (AFS)| 266,587,581| 335,048,887| 347,245,066| 353,710,093| 52,642,690|||
Deferred Tax Assets | -??| -??| 4,765,377| 1,226,512| 19,872|||
| 782,494,963| 718,695,370| 724,073,627| 684,100,009| 382,876,948|||
Current Assets :||||||||
Inventories| 150,047,338| 136,650,467| 105,024,268| 83,398,069| 66,404,326|||
Accounts Receivable| 4,783,652| 3,538,212| 2,065,406| 1,613,644| 1,399,999|||
Advances, Deposits & Prepayments | 99,815,239| 117,849,701| 110,234,856| 108,897,414| 95,826,901|||
Cash & Cash Equivalents| 158,038,368| 119,698,358| 107,178,866| 100,893,291| 79,105,353|||
| 412,684,597| 377,736,738| 324,503,396| 294,802,418| 242,736,579|||
TOTAL ASSETS| 1,195,179,560| 1,096,432,108| 1,048,577,023| 978,902,427| 625,613,527|||
Shareholders Equity: ||||||||
Share Capital | 213,840,000| 194,400,000| 162,000,000| 129,600,000| 108,000,000|||
Tax Holiday Reserve | 4,392,110| 4,392,110| 4,392,110| 4,392,110| 4,392,110|||
Net Gain on Marketable Securities (AFS)| 206,217,741| 279,141,244| 329,744,761| 336,209,788| -??|||
Retained Earnings| 254,894,853| 195,656,433| 165,179,622| 143,713,205| 156,339,019|||
| 679,344,704| 673,589,787| 661,316,493| 613,915,103| 268,731,129|||
LIABILITIES Non-Current Liabilities: ||||||||
Long Term Finance-Net off current maturity | 33,116,966| 16,757,904| 27,550,613| 14,613,771| 48,733,411|||
Retirement Benefit Obligations | 50,927,728| 51,640,647| -??| -??|-|||
Deferred Tax Liability| 30,841,557| 36,258,961| 78,469,945|…...

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