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Models of Counselling Within My Context

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Helping others is one of the most important aspects in life today. There are many different ways, and different forms of helping people. Helping others could make another person feel better either inside, or about them self. ‘Helping’ is one of those taken for granted words. It is a familiar part of our vocabulary. Traditionally, for example, social workers, youth workers and support workers, guidance counsellors and psychologist have been talked about as members of the helping professions. The question, do you need some help? Should be part of our daily business as informal and formal educators and guidance counsellors. Yet what we mean by ‘helping’ is not that obvious and the qualities we look for in ‘helping relationships’ need some thinking about. Here we try to clear away some of the confusion.
What do we mean by helping? For many people within the social professions, such as social work, counsellors, community workers and psychologist. The notion of helping is tied up with counselling and guidance. Many students such as myself major in psychology and or guidance and counselling because I am fascinated by people. I want to learn more about why people behave as they do and are motivated to help people improve their lives.
However, there are key ingredients of a helping relationship in helping anyone includes acceptance, this is the act of relating to another person without judging him or her. Respect which is also an attitude of giving dignity to each individual by being open and non-judgemental. Understanding is the third characteristics and this include listening carefully and being able to relate to that person’s experience, trust is also crucial in helping anyone this will make the client feel safe by letting them understand and believe that as counsellor in a helping profession you can be trusted. Last but not least warmth and genuine.…...

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