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Modesty in the Pulpit

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Modesty in the Pulpit

ACTIVITY DISCUSSION: Please read the following story for discussion:

Today's question has to do with one we all deal with and that is how to dress as clergy;

What is considered appropriate clergy/ministers apparel?

Susan: I typically wear black slacks (many different cuts and fabrics) or mom jeans with a turtleneck (usually white) or a shell and a jacket (usually with a mandarin collar).

Lisa: I was recently at a clergy meeting where one of the other clergywomen caused quite a sensation. She's recently divorced, 50 years old and quite attractive (very nice figure). She attended this meeting in a very low cut pair of jeans, a midriff shirt and platform heels. (mind you, this is a gathering of clergy and the rest of us were in our "Sunday" clothes.) What caused all the twittering was her tat -- what is called by my youth group a "tramp stamp" and the fact that her thong "handles" were hanging out. I really don't think we got much business done that day. The elder in charge said nothing, in fact, nothing was said until an older gentlemen looked at her said, "And this is the reason that women shouldn't be clergy." After that, as the saying goes, all hell broke out. I thought that people were going to be hurt....

Mary: While at an informal meeting at church several of the female pastors of this particular church were dressed in fashionable jeans and colorful spring tops. They were either scoop necked or buttoned at the neck and were short sleeved or sleeveless. I think this is a bit overboard.

Shanta: At our church we are required to be in robes for every service and when we aren’t in services we are to wear business casual clothing. Now I am not married and I think I should be able to wear whatever I please. I’m not hurting anyone. I mean I respect the pastor and all, but I choose my clothing. Why should I allow him to dictate my lifestyle?

So, I ask, what is appropriate clothing? I think I should err on the side of caution, but do we have to look like nuns? Where do we draw the line?…...

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