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Monogamy and Polygmy

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Monogamy and Polygamy / Advantages - Disadvantages
Monogamy and polygamy are typical marriage arrangements we are familiar with today . I think almost everyone needs that special connection, bonding or joining union with another person. I think it is human nature to want companionship, but is it human nature to have more than one companion?
Monogamy is having only one spouse and is the most common form of relationship. According to the web site, , Monogamy is believed to promote happiness and contentment. Sex is about body and mind, between two people in an intimate trusting relationship that grows stronger over time. Marriage provides you with a best friend and mate, someone that you can grow old with, raise children together and share stories of the old days. Marriage or monogamy will teach you to be tolerant, unselfish, and caring.
Polygamy is the practice of multiple marriages . Polygamy is illegal in the United States ,but did not become a federal crime until the passing of the Morrill Act in 1862. According to an article, The Ethics of Polygamy , by Melody Marchant, parts of west Africa more than 20 % of marriages are polygamous , and Muslim men are allowed to have four wives.
Since polygamy is illegal many polygamist families choose to have unofficial commitment ceremonies, that bind and tie them to one another. To maintain harmony in some families, one wife will have seniority over the household, and each wife and her children will have separate living quarters. The work is shared among the family, cooking and cleaning and everyone works together. Family is the main priority .
Whether you favor marriage or not there’s no denying it offers many rights and benefits . The web site NOLO – Law for all, list many benefits from legal marriage. Taxes can be filed jointly in a marriage…...

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