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……………………. Date …11-07-2015…………………………………………

The individual assignment on
“Tanglin polymers” case study.
Dissanayake H.W.Wannigama

Management Information Systems-Batch 18

Management of Organizations

UCD Index no: - 14206530
Name: - Dissanayake H.W. Wannigama

Q1. Explain why you think so few requests were received

After reading the Tanglin Polymers case study what firstly came to my mind was the manager
Chan Kee Tong had no any better communication level with the other plant managers to deal this problem with. So according to my opinion following facts may have affected the poor receiving of requests from plant managers.

Plant managers didn’t concern Mr Tong’s email/message well although it had not included any deadline(s) to be received by Mr Tong regarding the contract.

HK $800,000 would be a very large amount for a purchasement of procurement and no manager will go for that much of a contract usually and it is not a clear or valid benchmark for Mr Tong to measure the plant manager’s contracts.

There were no any better mutual understandings between Mr Tong and other plant managers for a giant change in the company.

Q2. Did Chan Kee Tong make any mistakes in this case?

Of course YES. Mr Chan Tong has done several mistakes during this scenario including his poor way of communicating with other managers as well.

Firstly he should have to examine the history of the company, how the business processes had undertaken by the company, what were the techniques used by the company for purchasements, how the plant managers were acting on purchasements, were there any loyal and confidential suppliers for procurements etc…but he did not concern any of these facts and continued. He was appointed with a good experienced assistant Ms Clara Ng who had well known about the company and the plant managers personally as well but Mr Chan did not listen to her feedback on this new concept of purchasing and he dismissed her idea. Clara said that although Mr Chan had met a few of the mangers since he is recruited he should go and meet the plant managers personally and discuss this problem. But Chan refused it and he just wanted the computerised information system to be implemented promptly.

The critical situation was although the company made purchases throughout the year, the beginning of its peak-buying season was only one month away at the time this new plan was adopted. So plant managers would not like to take a huge risk on this as there is a chance to

contract may get rejected. Mr Tong also had not mentioned any recoverable/alternative solution for plant managers how they should take actions if such rejection being occurred. He only focused on the implantation of the new automated controlling system throughout the company.
It is said that the new information system would cost about HK $5,000,000 for implementation and at this time period and at this stage this much of monetary value would be a huge stab to the company when concerning on the economy.

Although it has over 30 manufacturing plants and refineries, located in Singapore, Indonesia,
Vietnam, China, Australia, and New Zealand the necessity and the way of purchasing would be different from region to region or country to country. For example the necessity of the petroleum products of Sri Lanka is clearly different from the necessity of China or Australia or any other country and the plant managers would have to take the utter most suitable purchasements according to all of the concerning background facts and particular criteria. But
Mr Tong has not shown any considerations on any of the facts mentioned above.

Q3. What would you have done differently?

If I was the manager of resource procurement of Tanglin Polymers, simply I would do what
Mr Chan Tong did not do on this case. Firstly I would definitely examine the company’s history of purchasing of procurement and will gather the pros and cons of the existing system. Then as a strategic manager I would call a gently get together of every plant managers in the locations of any particular country by visiting them personally and would discuss about how the old procedure has been going since the company established and the difficulties and vulnerabilities as well. Then I would gather their ideas and feedbacks on the new proposal/new automated system and going through their ideas and various feedbacks I would be able to collect more important areas to be covered in the system which could be helped to embed to the computer system. I would also wait and examine the current process of purchasement of procurement about a year or two and personally I myself would be able to identify the most sensitive and strategic areas of purchasement. As I’m gained a good experienced assistant who has a vast knowledge about the company and other mangers I would clearly have ideas, feedbacks and further instructions or strategies from her about how the new system should be well contained and how

the existing system should be converted. The company has been served by many suppliers when purchasing the procurements and other essential materials and managed by long time employed managers who have better knowledge about the process and although the system is to be converted digital, as a wise manger I would not break up with the chain of command and the division of labour which would help to arise the efficiency and reliability of the business of the organization.

Q4. What advice would you give him about how to now proceed with the project?

The best choice without implementing the automated system is letting plant managers do the process according to their old way. At this time if the ongoing system stopped by the higher management the peak buying totally get corrupted and the company may face various vulnerabilities and severities on profit making. The manger Chan should also work familiarly and humblingly with the assistant Clara because although she is under the authority of Mr Chan she is more experienced and oriented about the company than Mr Chan. If they work well and if Mr Chan work mutually close with other plant managers as well, the company may up rise on to a higher level of profit, demand, well reputation and recognition with optimism.

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