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1. Explain the purpose and benefits of PEST analysis.
2. Outline the factors that could lead to exploitation of migrant workers.
3. Analyse the factors which have led to increased immigration to the UK in recent years.
4. Evaluate the extent to which the UK economy benefits from migrant labour.
Q1. Purpose of PEST:
PEST analysis is the method is which organizations use to analyse the increase and decrease of market growth in an industry. The purpose of PEST analysis is to help a business know what changes to make when there is a change in the macro environment, help a business to plan its corporate strategies and helps to stop guesses and helps to produce facts on changes in the environment.

Benefits of PEST: * It is easy and cheap to implement * It helps a firm to identify threats * It helps a firm to identify opportunities * It supports strategic thinking * It serves as a means to understand the external environment more
Q2. Factors that could lead to exploitation of migrant workers:
* Allegations: due to the low level of wages paid to migrants, their labour is demanded more and the british are not happy with this. * Short life jobs: the population of migrants is not evenly spread across the UK, so it makes it more difficult for the UK government to provide health assistance and other provisions. * Employment legislation: the migrants are forced to work longer than stated in the government policy and paid less than minimum wage.

Economic * Increase in labour market: the migrants are usually not specialized in any given job and are mostly under paid. The migrants enter the labour market to occupy jobs that no one is willing to do. * No specialization: Migrants are usually employed in industry or farms, for this reason they are under skilled and have no specialized job.

Social * Linguistic differences: Migrants have trouble communicating due to the different forms of languages, its makes it hard to understand their employers.

Q3. Which have led to increased immigration to the UK in recent years:

Political * Free Visas: The conjunction on the UK and EU makes it possible for migrants from members of the EU to live and work in the UK freely.

Economic * Higher wage rates: Migrants come to the UK for better pay because their countries are not as economically developed and therefore, they have earn higher wages in the UK than their countries. * More job opportunities: Migrants occupy jobs that do ont deserve much skill and these sort of jobs are usually not done by the British because they are somewhat demeaning.

Social * Reducing domestic labour: due to the ageing UK population, there are more jobs available for migrants because most of the domestic population will be retired.

Technological: * Use of machines in industries require less skills * An increase in transport for cheaper * Telecommunication makes it easy for migrants to communicate and see if each one is doing well
Q4. The extent to which the UK economy benefits from migrant labor * Increase in size of labor market * Migrants help to raise the reducing size of the labor market * Improves international trades * Shows that the UK can adapt to economic changes…...

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