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Question 1: There are five Perception Process Theories. The first one, Stimulation, is when you feel, hear, touch, smell or taste something that introduces something new to your mind. The second one, Organization, is when you put everything into a conversation or instructions into order. Interpretation- Evaluation, the third stage for example, is when you evaluate a person based on their title and as you talk to them you apply it to your schema which filters through to tell how the person actually seems. Memory, the fourth one, is what someone perceives what happens in a certain situation. The last and final stage is Recall. Recall is when you look back into your memory and pull it back out to re-evaluate the particular memory. I feel like interpersonal communication can not work without all of these processes but then again I guess it can. People skip some of these stages of perception all the time. I myself have a horrible memory and sometimes filter out too much needed information.
Question 2: One way ethics is referred to in interpersonal communication is the way people have the right to make their own choices and freedom to say what they want. An example of a problem with ethical communication is when someone, such as, President Obama tells the country one thing but when it comes down to the matter, nothing is being shown to prove that he good for his word.
Question 3: When I play poker I sometimes self disclose myself to other players unknowingly. It seems to me when I have a good hand I don’t self disclose myself because I am more confident. There are so many risks, benefits, and rules involved while playing poker therefore if I self discloses myself at the wrong time the risk will outweigh the benefits. Playing poker definitely increases my self-disclosure awareness.
Question 4: When I asked the interviewee the first…...

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