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My College Composition class will help me exceed in my future career. I want to understand how to compose a correspondence. My current position as an executive assistant requires me to understand and compose correspondences. I will not making my own papers but correcting and proof reading. This writing class is going to give me the knowledge I will need to know how to complete my papers.

My goals as a writer are to understand the writing better and to get a sense of direction. I don’t understand the format of writing, or the concept of making it formal. My writing skills are not that great, but I do try and make sense of what I am writing. I want to better my self in this class, so I can understand the concept of writing.

I want to be able to get the concept of writing out of this class and learn how to structure my writing to make it sound formal and professional. I lack the professionalism of writing and making it sound professional. Hopefully this class will help me understand how to make my writings better and more interesting. I also want to learn a little bit on grammar and the structure of a sentence. I am not going to be writing a book or anything but I will need to be original and kind of creative in my papers.

My goals in this class will to be able to learn from it and to move on to composition 2 and combine both of them together and move on with my writings. I know these classes will help me in my future job employment; it will even help me on my resume to obtain a career. Not only will it make me a better writer, it will help me understand the writer’s way of writing a paper. That is my concept of this…...

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