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Multinational Corporations

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Oracle corp is the second largest software company in US by revenues. Its are of activity is completely within the world of technology. Since the beginning of 1990-s Oracle was one of the key players in developing new technologies, in the areas of database throughout systems, hardware, analytic software, customer relationship straightened, categoric resource planning, and etc. The technology that it spreads is not only used by its customers, but also by itself first hand. Boeing a large organization, Oracle saved the loggings, risks, complexities of its own business pressures which triggered the need for new software of its own needs. Then, after realtering the same issues could be in other organizations, prepared the newly designed solution to other companies by making some adoptive notifications to the software by preparing new technologies, new fill, of expertise were created in IT industry ranging from database administrators to EIP consultants as well as new titles the Orcl, 201 Equal. The groups of new motion of global Oracle IT world began attracting the minds of people in IT industry. The corporation also sponsored the team named Oracle to socialize with the people audited by the IT industry. It is also deep within legal and political issues. In 2000-s, Oracle hired the Aslanft Group Culture owner is former US Altering Counsel John Asnolf.

946 May

Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo K.K. (Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation), also known as Totsuko, established in Nihonbashi, Tokyo with start-up capital of 190,000 yen for the research and manufacture of telecommunications and measuring equipment.



Company head office and factory relocated to Shinagawa, Tokyo.


Successful commercialization and sales launch of Sony's “power megaphone.”

1949 Sep

Completion of first magnetic tape recorder prototype.…...

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